Our Most Anticipated Games of February

Team Picks is Press-Start Australia’s monthly feature where members of the team get together to tell you about their most anticipated games of the upcoming month. This month we have quite a wide variety of titles coming in February, from shooters to rhythm based dungeon crawlers.

Why not join in? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments, or better yet, what you plan on picking up during this quiet month.[divider] [/divider]

Unravel – Whilst I’m curious about a number of titles releasing this month, the charming platforming of Unravel has piqued my interest the most. Yarny’s adorably puzzling escapade looks and feels like an slightly more upbeat version of Limbo with all the same gameplay beats and that has me giddy with excitement. I sense it will be a short but sweet, enjoyable little adventure and frankly, that’s exactly what I crave right now.


Gravity Rush: Remastered – I’ve had absolutely more than ample time to dive into this game on my PS Vita but for some ungodly reason I just haven’t committed myself to the handheld experience to be had. I’m hoping that the upgrade to a home console platform will not only give me a great opportunity to make up for lost time but to also wet my appetite for this games pending sequel.[divider] [/divider]

Firewatch / Far Cry Primal – First and foremost, Firewatch looks like an intriguing game. I’ve only watched a few videos here and there showcasing gameplay and basic overview of the game, but I definitely feel like this is one that needs to be experienced to really grasp what it has to offer.

The elements of exploration and somewhat of a self-driven narrative with dialogue choices suggests to me that Firewatch is a game you can become lost in…which, I guess being set out in the wilderness, kind of makes sense after all. Special mentioned too to Far Cry Primal. One, I like the fact that they took the franchise in the direction they did. Two, I’m a sucker for games where I get to use a bow and arrow…#enoughsaid[divider] [/divider]

XCOM 2 – The reboot in the long running franchise was amazing, a very solid entry into the long dying tactical combat genre. Punishing difficulty, satisfying gameplay and deep, fun mechanics made XCOM Enemy Unknown a winner. I expect nothing but greatness in the sequel. Expect hundreds of hours of tough, nail biting tactical combat[divider] [/divider]

Gravity Rush: Remastered – Ashamedly one of the titles I missed on the Vita, and from all accounts received, quite an immersive one to miss as well. While not taking anything away from the Vita, Gravity Rush: Remastered will hopefully reinvigorate one of Sony’s lesser-known franchises in anticipation for the sequel set to be released later this year.

With a four-year gap between releases, it will be interesting to see the updates and tweaks made to the game to allow it to run on console rather than handheld, including a return to gyroscopic controls, and the possiblility of touchpad functions as well. It’s great to see Sony not leaving one of their IPs in the dust.

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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – There are some games that I spend too much time on, and the original Garden Warfare was one of those. Having played the original and the recent beta I have already foreseen a near future where 75% of my gaming time is spent eliminating zombies, or perhaps this time, plants?

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Street Fighter V – I was never much of a fighting game fan, there were times where I enjoyed the odd brawl at my local TimeZone but beyond that there was really nothing I ever played besides Mortal Kombat since I felt oh so rebel playing it. When Street Fighter IV came along, I was completely smitten – not only did I have a circle of intense and keen friends to play around with but it was easy to approach and easy to eventually master.

I hope that Street Fighter V is as effortlessly crafted to be both approachable and have the potential to be cracked open as must as Street Fighter IV was. Even more interesting – and on an industry wide level, it’ll be intriguing to see how it’s less orthodox DLC model will play out.

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Far Cry Primal – Far Cry 4 was one of my favourite games of recent memories. I was able to spend hours upon hours exploring the land, hunting animals and exploring new areas. This isn’t something that I usually do in a game but there was genuine fun and intrigue around every corner. Far Cry Primal seems to have a lot of the same qualities.

Ubisoft have promised that it isn’t Far Cry 4.5 and is worthy of a brand new entry into the series. My only reservation is just how long basic weaponry can remain entertaining. This will be make or break for me as the setting looks phenomenal and no doubt the wilderness and animals in the game look incredibly satisfying.

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Crypt of the Necrodancer – I’ve heard great things about Crypt of the NecroDancer, but haven’t had a chance to really play it so far on the PC. I am super excited to give the game a try on the Vita however. It seems like a game well suited to a handheld, and the concept of a rogue-like rhythm game fusion sounds like it will be right up my alley.

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Unravel – In a time dominated by shooters and open-world adventures, Unravel is one of those few that offers a unique change of pace. On one level, perhaps its the fact that Yarny could very well be a mirror of us, literally weaving our way through the world. On another, the game just has so much potential in the way it makes use of physics to solve puzzles that has me excited for its release.

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So that’s all from us, but what about you? What games are you looking forward to this February? Did we miss your favourite?

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