What I’m Expecting From Ubisoft At E3

Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference will be taking place on Tuesday June 14th at 6am. We’ve rounded up all of the Press Conference in Australian local time as well as where you can watch HERE. Press Start will be in attendance at E3 this year, bringing you all of the coverage live from LA.[divider] [/divider]
WATCH-DOGS-2We already know that Watch Dogs 2 will launch in November and be Ubisoft’s flagship title for holiday 2016. We know that it will have a protagonist and be set in San Francisco. Ubisoft have already revealed quite a bit of information about the game which leads me to believe that they’ll use their press conference to show off pure gameplay. I think we’ll see real advancements in the way that we saw Assassin’s Creed 2 improve majorly on Assassin’s Creed. I expect much more variety in missions and expanded multiplayer universe. Ubisoft have a lot to do when it comes to changing people’s perception on Watch Dogs. A lot of people still feel burnt over the first game.[divider] [/divider]

SOUTH-PARKWe don’t know a whole lot about this game besides the reveal trailer that was shown last E3. The first game in the series had a terrible run with delays and having to rework certain parts of the game. A new studio is working on this game so I’d suspect that we’ll see gameplay and potentially a release date. Ubisoft know that fans are weary of when this will come out, so they’ll want to take to its second showing with a release date to build that hype. I suspect that it’ll be early 2017. I’m personally super pumped for this game. The first one really was a breath of fresh air in the gaming landscape. [divider] [/divider]

TOM-CLANCYWe know that development of Ghost Recon Wildlands started in 2012, so it’s a safe bet that this game is almost ready to go. Ubisoft will be looking to give it a huge showing at E3. I suspect that we’ll see more of the multiplayer functionality which is coming in the form of four-player co-operative multiplayer. I think we’ll definitely see it release in 2016 which will round out Ubisoft’s 2016 holiday lineup. Personally, I don’t have too much interest for the title, but the game will have a major audience if it turns out to be good, which I trust that it will. [divider] [/divider]

FOR-HONORFor Honor is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It’s something completely different for Ubisoft in the form of a thid-person melee fighting game. I think we’ll see our first real chunk of gameplay that will start hyping up a 2017 release. Ubisoft have stated that it will take inspiration from modern shooters but obviously will be a hack and slash game. I think that this is an interesting concept. In recent times, Ubisoft have created really interesting concepts from new IP, so it’ll be great to see more of the game nonetheless. [divider] [/divider]

EAGLE-FLIGHTEagle Flight looks insanely cool. I’m one of those people that are a real sucker for new technology, so I’m super pumped to experience Virtual Reality. It has a really incredibly over-stylised artstyle and appears to be one of those games that will really show off VR’s true capabilities. We know that it will release for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift & the HTC Vive in 2016. It’ll allow you to take flight over Paris as as an eagle in battles up to 3v3. You’ll also be able to fly solo and level-up your flying skills. I don’t suspect that we’ll see a huge amount of time dedicated, but it’s possibly we’ll see this at both Ubisoft’s conference as well as PlayStations. [divider] [/divider]

Assassin's-CreedI think that there’s every chance we’ll see a mention of Assassin’s Creed. We now know that the Assassin’s Creed movie will launch at the end of the year. I think that Ubisoft will have to do something to promote the franchise and make sure that it reaches a new audience with the movie. We know that we won’t see an Assassin’s Creed game this year, but that won’t stop them from teasing what’s next from the franchise. It’s been an absolute staple for Ubisoft for the last 5 years so I don’t think they’ll avoid the opportunity to mention it. [divider] [/divider]

RAYMANI think it’s pretty much a certainty that we’ll see Rayman at Ubisoft’s conference in some form. The recent 2D side scrolling games have been massively popular and incredibly good games. I’m not sure what form Rayman will take in his next outing. I think it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see another 3D adventure, but I think we’ll continue to see both him and the Rabbids invading consoles as well as the mobile space. I don’t have an issue with Rayman taking up a space in their conference. I think Ubisoft are really good at balancing their genres and demographics, so I do hope that they mix it up. [divider] [/divider]