Our Most Anticipated Games Of September

Release Date: Thursday, September 1st
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One

Take control of a vast open world farm and manage it against the challenging backdrop of changing seasons. Featuring a wide array of crops, equipment, animals and even grains to manage, Professional Farmer 2017 looks to be the most realistic simulation yet.

Matt said: “Something has always intrigued me about these kinds of games. Who buys them? Why do they buy them? Is farming that exciting that a game should be made from it? And then you find yourself six hours deep, tending to crops and forgetting who you really are.”

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Release Date: Saturday, September 3rd
Platforms: 3DS

The contentious Metroid Prime: Federation Force comes from Next Level Games and offers Nintendo’s own take on the squad based shooter. But with a twist – it takes place in the world of Metroid! Fight alone or online with friends in this action packed shooter.

James said: “While there is understandably some concerns with using the Metroid Prime name on a game that is so clearly not Metroid Prime, I’m still keen to see if the game underneath this Metroid skin is a great experience with friends.

Steven said: It’s not the Metroid we’ve been clamouring for since Metroid Prime 3: Corruption in 2007 but I’ve yet to be unhappy with a game from Next level Games so I’m willing to give this a chance.

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Release Date: Tuesday, September 13th
Platforms: Xbox One / PC

ReCore merges an unorthodox pairing that could make or break the game – Keiji Infaune with the team who brought us Metroid Prime. This post apocalyptic adventure has plenty of buzz pre-release – some comparing it to Metroid Prime, others to Zelda. Hopefully, ReCore live up to the lofty expectations that comes with it’s team’s reputation.

Steven said:While neither Inafune’s name nor the team being ‘ex-Metroid Prime developers’ is necessarily a seal of quality, I so badly hope that ReCore is fun and a quality experience.

Seamus said:Exploring unique sci fi worlds, challenging platforming, unique puzzles and dynamic combat are some of my favourite features in gaming. And ReCore, which has seemingly come out of left field as an Microsoft exclusive, is trying to fit them all into one game.

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Release Date: Thursday, September 15h
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Blind Squirrel Games have taken every care to ensure that our returns to both Rapture and Columbia are as new and shiny as we remember them. BioShock: The Collection brings together all three BioShock games, all their downloadable content and a brand new commentary from series creator Ken Levine.

Damian said:Revisiting a remastered Rapture with director’s commentary from series creative director Ken Levine is the perfect way to rediscover everyone’s favourite underwater city (sorry Atlantis).

Ewan said:Sometime ago, I attempted to play the original BioShock. The Bathosphere dropped down the the ocean’s depths to this Atlantean metropolis, a place of incredible beauty.

Eventually the Bathosphere came to stop. I peered out into the darkness. Someone screamed. A horrific, mutated figure drove a drill-like implement, embedded into their forearm, through the chest of its victim in a fountain of blood before scuttling off into the dark once again. Then the Bathosphere door opened and I promptly shut the game and never touched it again.

Apparently I missed out on one of the game’s of the generation in doing so, but I’m keen to try again.

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Release Date: Friday, September 16th
 PS4 / PS3 / Xbox One / 360 / PC

Visual Concepts premier NBA experience returns for another year with NBA 2K17. Featuring the entire NBA league plus some extras (the Australian nationals team, anyone?), 2K17 also improves much improved MyGM and MyLeague experiences.

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Release Date: Friday, September 23rd
Platforms: PS4

While it released a while ago on digital platforms and became an instant hit, Super Meat Boy hits retail on Playstation 4 with over 300 levels, tight and fast paced action platforming and interesting boss battles.

Shannon said: “I just can’t get enough meat

Jake said:I recently watched ‘Indie Game: The Movie” and was really impressed and enthused by the story behind Super Meat Boy. With it now coming to PS4, I can finally enter the world of frustration and swearing at the TV screen as so many others have done before me!”

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Release Date: Friday, September 23rd
Platforms: PS4 / Vita

Previously a largely Japan-only affair, Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is a visual novel thriller that offers compelling and twisted cases to solve. Or not – you could see your character deteroriate and fumble the job completely. The choice is yours!

Josh said: It’s a long time coming but we’ve finally got a localised port of the cult classic Xbox One title, previously released in Japan only. The developer, 5pb, gave us the fantastic Steins;Gate series so I am hoping this will scratch a similar itch.”

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Release Date: Tuesday, September 27th
Platforms: Xbox One / PC

Forza brings the Horizon festival to it’s biggest open world yet and it’s none other than Australia. While creative liberties have been taken to create our outback, Forza Horizon 3 features plenty of cars, even some Australian brands we’ve never seen before in a Forza game.

Steven said:I’ve had an on again, off again relationship with driving games but have liked the look of the Forza Horizon games. Horizon 3 being set in Australia might just be enough incentive for me to Jump In.

Kevin said: After playing this at E3, this easily catapulted to the top of my must play list and was pretty much the only reason I picked up an Xbox One this year. Exploring the best parts of Australia in some dream cars with some of the best visuals I’ve seen in a racing game is definitely going to be a highlight of 2016.”

Josh said: “The Horizon series makes the console a must have and I expect the third installment to ooze arcade driving goodness. Setting the festivities in lovely Australia this time will hopefully keep things fresh!

Mehdi said:I spent so much time playing Horizon 2 than I ever have with any other open-world racing game and the fact that Horizon 3 is completely demolishing it when it comes to variety really raises the question: will I ever see daylight again once this comes out? The fact that I’ll be able to play it on my laptop on the way to uni sure isn’t going to help!

350 cars, countless challenges and a huge varied open world: this is pretty much the racing game that I’ve been waiting for for years!

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Release Date: Thursday, September 29th
Platforms: PS4 / PS3 / Xbox One / 360 / PC

It’s a series of firsts for FIFA this year. Now running on EA’s ubiquitous Frostbite engine, players will be able to play through a campaign detailing a players rise from nothing to the big leagues.

Seamus said:No matter how many years pass, I never get sick of FIFA. My brother would always ask, its the same thing over and over, why do you keep playing? Simply, because its fun and the soundtrack is always hella lit fam.


Matt said:Adding a fully-fledged story mode to a sports game? Quite ambitious! But I’m sure that it’ll take off, and hopefully add more than just standard gameplay tweaks to this year’s latest installment of everyone’s favourite football game.

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