The Best Shooter Of 2016



In what was the closest vote, Doom was voted as the best shooter by our team. In his review, Shannon gave the game an 8 and said: “Doom is a really decent revival of a classic franchise. It doesn’t hide behind fancy cutscenes and narrative, and puts sheer gameplay first. The single player is genuinely fun from start to finish and it’s the type of game that I didn’t even realise that I wanted until now. It’ll make you feel all nostalgic in the way that it presents difficult enemies and open-levels.”

Ewan said: “Doom very much so returned to the origins of the first-person shooter genre, giving it a smooth, sleek, high definition makeover. And god was it fun.”

Josh said: “Carnage at breakneck speed. This is Doom reimagined for the current generation. Furious and delibrate. Start to finish. Concise.”


In another close vote, Overwatch won out your vote for best shooter of 2016.

 on Twitter said: “As much as I <3 TF2, I REALLY <3 Overwatch!! The characters and abilities make it a game for the ages not just 2016!”
 on Twitter loved both games but ultimately said: “DOOM was pretty amazing, but Overwatch is my addiction.”