GT Sport’s ‘Scapes’ Is The Most Insane Photo Mode Imaginable

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with GT Sport now. I’ve played through the various racing modes that the game has to offer (which all feel incredibly solid and look beautiful).

However, it was this specific mode (that I’d had no prior knowledge about) that caught me off guard and has made me incredibly excited for the game. The game has a photo mode called ‘Scapes’ which literally takes photo taking beyond anything that I’ve ever seen in a game. Scapes mode allows you to take 100s of cars and put them in a number of real locations around the world. What makes it truly special though is the fact that these locations are real life photographs of iconic locations (both indoor and outdoor). From there you can literally move the car anywhere around the environment and the lighting will react based on where you place the car, how many cars you add to the environment and a bunch of other things.

You can adjust the car to pick whether it has the wheels turned or the headlights on. There’s so much customisability that I’ve never seen in a photo mode before. From a photo taking point of view, you can obviously change things like aperture, the aspect ratio, shutter speed and focus. There’s also a bunch of Instagram quality filters that will allow you to change the end result significantly. There’s really everything that you need in a good photo mode (and so much more).

I can see myself spending hours upon hours playing with this mode and I’m not even a car enthusiast. The options in Scapes are literally endless and I’m honestly still stunned in disbelief that this kind of technology can even exist. It’s impossible to take a bad photo and you won’t be able to fool this system in taking a bad looking photo. The only downside that I could see is that there’s no Australian locations. There’s a bunch of New Zealand locations, so make of that what you will.

There’s also another mode called the Livery Editor which will allow you to customise both your car and outfits with a number of decals, colours and other cool effects. This is definitely aimed at a certain type of gamer.

Gran Turismo Sport has a lot more depth to it that one could have ever hoped for, but Scapes mode might literally be the hero. It’s honestly almost a game in itself, and I’d urge any car enthusiast to look into it just based on the fact that you’ll be able to take some sick looking photographs.

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