Press Start’s GOTY 2017 – #10 Cuphead

10th was easily the most contested spot in our GOTY countdown. With Cuphead, Persona 5 and Yakuza 0 all being in contention, the team felt that Cuphead was the most unique game of the three and had to be in our top 10.

Brodie called Cuphead “brutal and beautiful” and gave the game a 9 in his review and said: “It’s a bit unfair to compare Cuphead to almost any other of the brutally tough platformers I’ve grown to love recently, as it lacks the filler. It gets straight to the good stuff and gives us an almost ‘greatest hits’ of boss fights. And if they don’t get better and more rewarding as they go, I’ll go eat. So while you’ve still got to be a masochist at heart to get through the ‘true’ Cuphead, people of all ages and backgrounds would be able to sit in front of the television and appreciate Cuphead for its sense of style and its ability to evoke that childlike wonder that was, until now, dormant in most of us.”


10. Cuphead