The Nintendo Labo Games Look Much Deeper Than Initially Thought

Nintendo revealed Nintendo Labo last month, which essentially kits of cardboard that you can build and turn into interactive experiments.

One question mark that I personally had over these fairly expensive kits is just how complex the games were going to be. Thanks to three new videos that Nintendo has released, the mini-games included in the Variety Pack and the Robot pack look much deeper than initially thought.

The videos are all in Japanese, so obviously a little bit tricky to understand, so here’s some of the more interesting things that stood out to me. It’s worth noting that it’s clear that the Joy-Con can be used for more than one functionality in each mini-game. It’ll be come clear as you go through these examples but with the piano one for example, it can be used in the piano, as a speaker on a box or as a conductor.

Toy-Con RC Car: Who knew that the Nintendo Switch IR sensor can literally act as a low-res camera?

Toy-Con RC Car: Look at it? It can literally show a livestream on the Switch screen

Toy-Con Fishing Rod: The fishing mini game looks super complex, the line very accurately matches up between the screen and physical line. You can also create your own fish based on objects scanned in using the Switch IR sensor

Toy-Con House: You won’t find a cuter guy than the little creature in this house. There’s about 5-6 different screws and plugs that you can use to interact withToy-Con House: But look at this Donkey Kong cart like mini-game?

Toy-Con House: Or what about this Wii bowling clone?Toy-Con Motorbike: Getting massive Mario Kart/Mii vibes from this motorbike mini-game Toy-Con Motorbike: You can race against other competitors in a number of different speeds, complete with power-ups. 

Toy-Con Motorbike: You can create some kind of gun to scan in objects in order to create custom racing tracks.

Toy-Con Motorbike: It’s literally a racing track based on this guys hand?!?Toy-Con Piano: Putting an extra Joy-Con on a box creates a drum/speaker through vibration. Toy-Con Piano: Or there’s this nice little orchestra mode where you can wave your Joy-Con around (Wii Music, anyone)Robot Kit: Your robot can turn into a car which is mega-awesome

Robot Kit: There’s clearly a good amount of stages/challenges here to complete which might justify it’s higher price.

Robot Kit: Now it’s a flying robot car?!?

Robot Kit: You can customise your robot complete with cardboard spinners that go into your Robot systemRobot Kit: You can also put your Nintendo Switch into your back pack in order to play some kind of game with no visuals (1-2 Switch anyone?

Robot Kit: Get your super cool friends together in order to play some multiplayer Robot kit.