6 Last Minute Gaming Halloween Costumes That Are Sure To Please

With only one day left until the spoopiest night of the year, now is as good of a time as any to rummage through your household supplies and make yourself an amazing costume for Halloween.

Here’s a list of gaming (or gaming-related) costumes that will get you to think outside the box and come up with something cool.

The Nintendo 64 Kid

This one is pretty simple – all you need is a white patterned pyjama set, a Nintendo 64 box (wrapped in paper if you want the full effect) and a lung capacity to rival tweens at a Taylor Swift concert. Bonus points if you can drag your parents around with you.

John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

By now you’re probably entrenched in Red Dead Redemption 2, so if you’re going Trick or Treating why not create your own mission while you’re out and about, so that the excitement doesn’t wear off? Op shops are a great place for ancient clothes, and for added effect make sure you don’t wash them before you wear them. It’ll add to the atmosphere.

Lara Croft (Shadow of the Tomb Raider)

Got an old grey shirt or tank top and some brown or camo pants? Head outside and roll around in the dirt a little. Be sure to take some awkward smiling selfies with anyone who gives you candy.

Zombie Mario (Super Mario Odyssey)

Normal Mario has been done to death (no pun intended), so why not switch it up (oh god they just keep coming) and go as Zombie Mario? This one might require a little more effort, but combines your love of video games with the horror of Halloween.

Ghost Luigi (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Remember in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate trailer where Luigi got completely murdered? Another way to be original instead of rehashing that tired old generic costume you bought at a $2 shop would be to coat it in glow-in-the-dark paint (or a white sheet, your call) and go as Mario’s recently-deceased brother. You can even scare people further by reminding them Waluigi isn’t in Smash.

PlayStation Vita

Vita means life, but the handheld is well and truly dead. Nobody wants to see a dead console walking the streets.