Microsoft Just Announced A New Dual Screen Surface Phone, Tablet And A Bunch More

Microsoft has announced a ridiculous amount of new Surface products overnight, with a number of them coming this year and two special, very new and exciting products coming in Holiday 2020.

The Surface Neo

It’s a dual-screen tablet that will run Windows 10X. It has a full-friction hinge that connects two 9″ screens and it’s coming in Holiday 2020. It has some pretty awesome tech that basically allows the second screen to work as a touchpad like function or your regular trackpad. It can also just be used as a second screen with an external keyboard. A price hasn’t been revealed, but it most likely won’t be cheap.

The Surface Duo

The Surface Neo is a Surface Phone. It has two screens and runs Android and has some pretty cool design mechanics. It’s coming in Holiday 2020 and no price has been revealed.

The Surface Pro X

The new flagship of the Surface line. The Surface Pro X is the thinnest, lightest and most powerful Surface Pro ever. It has a new Qualcomm processor which is the fastest ever in a laptop. It’s available on November 19th starting at $1,699.

The Surface Pro 7

The Surface Pro 7 has a 10th Gen Intel Core processor, it has both usb A and USB C (finally) and a new all-day battery. It’s available on October 22nd starting from $1,249.

The Surface Laptop 3

The Surface Laptop 3 is now available in two sizes. The 13.5 inch will start from $1,699 and the 15 inch will start from $1,999. Both of them are out on October 22nd.

The Surface Earbuds

Microsoft knows that wireless earbuds are all the rage. The new Surface Earbuds offer touch and voice controls and come in a sleek design. Price and release date hasn’t been set.