Everything Announced At Today’s PlayStation State Of Play

This morning, PlayStation hosted a State of Play which had its share of reveals and extended looks at both indies and AA titles.

Opening with a darling reveal for the follow-up to Moss, a gorgeous PlayStation VR game, and closing with the much-delayed, but definitely coming September 14, Deathloop, the presentation featured pretty much something for everybody.

Here’s a rundown of everything announced and shown off.

Death Stranding’s Director’s Cut Shows Off A Slew Of Upgrades

Prepare to rescue Princess Beach again with a heap of gameplay enhancements and new story missions (more info here). It’s coming on September 24, also. If you already own the PS4 version of the game (digital or physical), you can get the Director’s Cut on PS5 with a $10 (USD) upgrade. Right now, the cheapest way to get the game would be to buy the PS4 version ($24 on Amazon currently) and pay the fee to upgrade once it’s available.

Moss: Book II Is Coming To PlayStation VR

The cute little mouse is coming back for another headset-housed adventure. The wholesome counter is pinging off the charts.

Arcadegeddon Is Coming To Early Access On PlayStation 5 Today

It’s neon, it’s shooty. It’s something.

We Got A New Look At Tribes Of Midgard’s First Season Content

This one has Ewan “Thor” Roxburgh written all over it.

August’s First PlayStation Plus Game Was Revealed

It’s a game called Hunter’s Arena: Legends and it’s coming to PS4/PS5. It’s a battle royale fighting game.

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F.I.S.T. Is An Absolute Furry’s Delight

This game has fluffy creatures of all varieties, it’s coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on September 7.

Sifu Is Ablaze With Kung-Fu Fury And It’s Out Next Year

We got another super-punchy, super-kicky look at the super stylish martial arts brawler from the Absolver team, Sifu. It looks badass.

We Got Another Look At Jett: The Far Shore

This game gives me Zone of the Enders vibes if Zone of the Enders were bleak and sort of unappealing.

Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles Seriously Captures The Series’ Vibes

“Same cast as the actual show. Fun fact for you.” – James Berich.

Lost Judgment Looks Just As Absurd As All Other Yakuza Games

We got an extended look at gameplay from Lost Judgment, which includes dancing, detective work, skateboarding, and what looks to be robot-fighting with high school kids? Lost Judgment is out on September 24.

Deathloop’s Time Loop Shown Off In State Of Play Scoop

We got an extended look at Deathloop, a notable first-party Xbox title coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, and what makes the game tick. For our impressions of the game, click here.