All Of Today’s DC FanDome Reveals And Trailers

After last year’s all-day extravaganza, this year’s DC FanDome was condensed down into a four-hour, Snyder Cut-esque time block.

They didn’t refrain from cramming heaps of cool stuff into the morning though, with better looks at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a new eerie trailer for Gotham Knights, as well as an explosive look at The Batman (and all of the other films slated for DC).

The Suicide Squad Game Definitely Unites The League

Although it’s not good news for the player, Rocksteady’s new Suicide Squad game definitely does unite the Justice League and levels them wholly against you – albeit under Brainiac’s control.

The game still looks rad and is out next year for next-gen consoles.

Gotham Knights Almost Feels Like A Horror Game

As an adaptation of Court of Owls, Gotham Knights definitely gives off horror game vibes. It’s got an atmosphere, a secret society of baddies, and, worst of all, Batman isn’t here to help.

The Batman Is A Take On Year One And Looks Magnificent

I don’t need to say much about this. Matt Reeves is a gentle king and he’s nailing this.

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The Flash’s Time Travelling Teaser Shows Off Michael Freaking Keaton

It’s got two versions of The Flash, it’s got Michael Keaton, and it could serve to reset the DCEU at last. Let’s go.

We Got Our First Look At Black Adam Starring ‘The Rock’

He did say the power hierarchy is about to change.

His Name Is… Peacemaker

I’ll watch this because John Cena is a pretty likable guy. And this does look funny.

We Got A Behind The Scenes Peek At The Aquaman Sequel

It’s called Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and it’ll be, once again, helmed by James Wan.

We Also Got A Glimpse At Shazam 2: Fury Of The Gods

It’s still Big meets Superman, but with the Shazam family, there’s a little Fast & Furious in there, too.

DC Heroes & Villains Is A New Mobile Game Coming Soon

It’s described as a ‘puzzle RPG,’ so could it be DC’s answer to Marvel Puzzle Quest?