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Nintendo Switch Exclusives To Look Forward To In 2024

Could this be the Switch's last hurrah?

Nintendo’s staggeringly-popular Switch console is now nearing seven years of life, the hardware having seen out the previous generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles and somehow still holding its own in the sales race amongst the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Despite that, and the fact that this year more than ever is widely believed to be the year we learn about Nintendo’s follow-up console, there’s still plenty to look forward to for the current Switch.

We’re hard at work on a list of the biggest games to look forward to across all platforms in 2023, but we also wanted to break it down and highlight the future Nintendo console-exclusive games (at least the ones we know about) that are set to keep the momentum going for the little handheld-hybrid that could. The slate is definitely looking a little thinner and the future more unclear following some heavy hitters released last year like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom  and Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but whether or not the era of the Switch is nearing an end there’s no doubt it’s still an exciting time to own one.

And don’t forget! Nintendo first-party games like Princess Peach: Showtime! and Mario vs. Donkey Kong can be pre-ordered or purchased digitally using Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers, which cost $134.95 for two, bringing the cost of each game down to around $67 for a digital download. You can get eShop vouchers delivered digitally right here.


Another Code: Recollection

Release Date: January 19th

The Cheapest Copy: $69 at Amazon

An abandoned mansion sits atop the ominous Blood Edward Island, but what secrets does this place hold? Find out when Another Code: Recollection, which contains two fully enhanced mystery adventures—including one previously unreleased in North America—launches January 19, 2024, only on the Nintendo Switch system. Begin unraveling the mystery today with a free demo on Nintendo eShop and transfer your save data upon purchase of the main game.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Release Date: February 16th

The Cheapest Copy: $59 at Amazon

Donkey Kong has stolen all the Mini-Mario toys from the factory, and it’s up to Mario to get them back! Run, jump, and backflip your way to retrieving them across over 130 levels in this puzzle-style twist on classic platforming action.

The rivalry that originally heated up on the Game Boy Advance system returns on the Nintendo Switch system with newly added co-op play, brand-new worlds, updated music and visuals, and other new ways to play.

Princess Peach: Showtime!

Release Date: March 22nd

The Cheapest Copy: $69 at Amazon

Princess Peach’s trip to the Sparkle Theater goes off script when the wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch steal the show! Partner with the theater’s guardian, Stella, to call curtains on this tragedy by using a powerful ribbon and taking on several starring roles—each with their own look and abilities.

Transform to fit the role and use showstopping abilities to save the day

Fend off the Sour Bunch with sensational swordplay as a swordfighter… en garde! In another role, Peach puts on her detective hat to find out whodunnit in a museum mystery. From kung fu master to pastry chef, Peach’s roles give you distinctly powerful ways to save the play!

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Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

Release Date: Winter 2024

In this visually enhanced adventure, you’ll visit the chilling locales of the eerie Evershade Valley, a place that’s screaming and teeming with troublemaking ghosts. Luckily, Luigi’s got the right tools for the job, like the enemy-stunning Strobulb and his trusty Poltergust, which can vacuum up ghosts, objects or interact with the environment.

Luigi’s paranormal escapades will take him to all sorts of places, including a former plant research lab, a broken-down clock factory and an icy, snow-covered mine, just to name a few.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Release Date: TBA 2024

The Nintendo GameCube classic Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door returns with updated graphics on Nintendo Switch! Join Mario and friends in an RPG adventure to discover the legendary treasure behind the ancient Thousand-Year Door. Will Mario complete his papery quest, or will he crumple under the pressure?

Picross S+

Release Date: TBA 204

Picross S+ will bring all nine of the 3DS’ digital-only Picross e games to the Switch as downloadable packs, each containing 150 puzzles for fans to sink their teeth into. Excitingly, Picross e9 will be available for the first time outside of Japan as part of Picross S+.

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files

Release Date: TBA 2024

This jam-packed collection features Touch Detective 3, the biggest and best point-and-click adventure of junior detective Mackenzie and her faithful sidekick Funghi, playable in English for the first time. With the arrival in town of the highly competitive detective Norman Touche, the pressure’s on Mackenzie to solve cases before her rival does!

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files also includes the entire original Touch Detective and Touch Detective 2½ games, plus two bonus cases starring Funghi and an extensive museum of artwork and music from the entire Touch Detective series. Help Mackenzie and her friends as they search for clues, interview suspects and get to the bottom of one zany mystery after another!

Rift of the Necrodancer

Release Date: TBA 2024 (Switch console exclusive, also coming to PC)

The NecroDancer’s back in a brand new rhythm game spinoff! Help Cadence navigate the modern world while repairing the rifts that have torn her life apart. Do rhythmic battle via rift mode, minigames, and boss battles! All to the beat of a brand new soundtrack from Danny Baranowsky & friends.

Splatoon 3: Side Order

Release Date: TBA 2024

Get It Digitally: $37.50 at Amazon

Challenge yourself to a new single-player campaign, Side Order! As Agent 8, you wake up to discover Inkopolis Square has been drained of color and its residents have gone missing. Looming over the city is the ominous Spire of Order. Alongside a drone who claims to be Off the Hook member Pearl, Agent 8 must fight off waves of enemies in floor after floor of challenges on their way to the top of the Spire and learn its secrets. Use color chips to boost your abilities in this experience that’s designed to be replayed over and over.