ps5 exclusives 2024

PlayStation Exclusives To Look Forward To In 2024

What's PlayStation got cooking this year?

After a massive couple of years, PlayStation’s plans for the 12 months ahead are potentially the most mysterious in recent memory. After a handful of first-party or third-party exclusives in the front part of the year there’s really no telling what Sony has cooking for PlayStation players for the rest of 2024.

Still, that’s not to say there aren’t a bunch of exciting PlayStation exclusive titles on the way, whether that’s wholly PS5/PS4 exclusive or shared with the folks playing on PC. To that end, we’ve started compiling a list of what’s to come For The Players (take a look at the Nintendo Switch equivalent here, Xbox to come soon) that should be on your radar.

And of course, there are some titles that could launch in 2024 but haven’t confirmed as much yet. Games like Lost Soul Aside, Phantom Blade Zero and Sword of the Sea, or if you’re being especially hopeful – perhaps even something like Death Stranding 2. We’ll continue to update this list as we learn more.


The Last of Us Part II Remastered

Release Date: January 19th

Platforms: PS5

The Cheapest Copy: $74 at Amazon

Play the winner of over 300 Game of the Year awards, now remastered for the PlayStation 5 console. Experience for the first time or relive Ellie and Abby’s story with graphical enhancements, new gameplay modes like the roguelike survival experience No Return, full DualSense wireless controller integration, and more.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Release Date: February 1st

Platforms: PS5, PC

The Cheapest Copy: $79 at Amazon

The international hit mobile and PC game Granblue Fantasy returns to consoles as an action RPG with a real-time combat system. The beautiful 2D artwork enjoyed by millions of fans has been painstakingly recreated in gorgeous 3D with cutting-edge visuals, as players traverse the familiar Sky Realm teeming with new life and details. Prepare your battle party by selecting up to four characters with unique skill sets to suit your fighting style as you take on giant enemies that seemingly stretch forever into the sky, or hop online to join up to three friends for cooperative multiplayer to tackle quests together.

Helldivers 2

Release Date: February 8th

Platforms: PS5, PC

The Cheapest Copy: $59 at Amazon

Freedom. Peace. Managed Democracy. Your Super Earth-born rights. The key pillars of our civilization are under attack from deadly alien creatures conspiring to destroy your planet and its values.

The Helldivers must take on the role of peacekeepers in this Galactic War and protect their home planet, spread the message of Democracy and repel the hostiles by force. Join forces with up to three friends and wreak havoc on an alien scourge threatening the safety of your home planet, Super Earth, in this multiplayer co-op shooter for PS5 and PC from Arrowhead Game Studios.

Pacific Drive

Release Date: February 22nd

Platforms: PS5, PC

Pacific Drive is a run-based, first-person driving survival game. Your car is your only companion as you navigate a surreal and anomaly-filled reimagining of the Pacific Northwest.

Structured as a “road-lite”, each excursion into the wilderness brings unique and strange challenges, as you restore and upgrade your car from an abandoned garage that acts as your home base. With the car as your lifeline, you’ll unravel a long-forgotten mystery as you make your way to the heart of the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

Read our preview here.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Release Date: February 29th

Platforms: PS5

The Cheapest Copy: $99 at Amazon

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second entry in the Final Fantasy VII remake project, which retells the story of the genre-redefining RPG across three distinct games.

Iconic heroes Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith and Red XIII have escaped from the dystopian city Midgar and are now in pursuit of Sephiroth, the vengeful swordsman from Cloud’s past who was thought to be dead. Expect a new standard of cinematic storytelling, fast-paced combat and rich exploration across a vast world.

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Read our preview here.

Rise of the Ronin

Release Date: March 22nd

Platforms: PS5

The Cheapest Copy: $109 at Amazon

Embark on an epic journey across war-torn 19th-century Japan in this combat-focused open-world action RPG from Team NINJA, the veteran studio behind Nioh and NINJA GAIDEN.

Japan, 1863. After three centuries of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s oppressive rule, the Black Ships of the West descend upon the nation’s borders and the country falls into a state of turmoil. Amidst the chaos of war, disease and political unrest, a nameless warrior forges their own path, holding the very fate of Japan in their hands.


Release Date: TBA 2024

Platforms: PS5

Introducing FOAMSTARS, the new 4v4 online party shooter for PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4.

Use foam to build terrain, creating slippery surfaces to surf around the arena at high speed, help defend from enemy attacks, or create vantage points to take out opponents.

And most importantly, to foam up the opposition!

Silent Hill 2

Release Date: TBA 2024

Platforms: PS5, PC

Experience a master class in psychological survival horror – lauded as the best in the series – on the latest hardware with chilling visuals and visceral sounds.

Take on the role of James Sunderland and venture into the mostly-deserted town of Silent Hill in this highly anticipated remake of the 2001 classic. Drawn to this mysterious place by a letter from his wife who died three years previously, James searches the town for clues as to why he received this impossible letter.

Enter a dream-like world and encounter twisted monsters, the menacing Pyramid Head and a seemingly-ordinary cast of characters wrestling with their past.

Baby Steps

Release Date: TBA 2024

Platforms: PS5, PC

Step into the underused limbs of Nate, an unemployed failson who rarely leaves the sofa. Explore a world shrouded in mist as you discover a power you didn’t know you had – the ability to put one foot in front of another.

Hike through unforgettable scenery as you take in the sights and meet local fauna in this rib-tickling, physics-driven adventure game where you control each leg individually. Fall for Nate as you attempt to guide this hapless hero to safety and find some meaning in a wasted life.

Earth Defense Force 6

Release Date: Autumn 2024

Platforms: PS5, PS4, PC

The year is 2024 AD. Mankind has won the long battle against the unknown invaders. The enemy Primers are now gone and peace has returned to Mother Earth. However, the population has shrunk to 10% and the world was on the verge of collapse. The survivors fought against the remaining threats while trying their best to continue their recovery. Three years passed in the year 2027. In a new world without hope, the time has come to once again resist the fate of the Earth.


Release Date: TBA 2024

Platforms: PS5, PC

Concord a brand-new multiplayer FPS with a unique universe of vibrant worlds and a rich cast of colourful characters, and is in development at American studio Firewalk Studios and published by parent company Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Towers of Aghasba

Release Date: TBA 2024

Platforms: PS5, PC

Towers of Aghasba is an open-world fantasy experience where players must balance between constructing bustling villages for their growing tribe and nurturing exotic ecosystems of otherworldly plant life. Express your creativity by developing your island however you’d like, explore the whimsical land of Aghasba, and connect with friends to show off your unique world!

Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide

Release Date: Autumn 2024

Platforms: PS5

The Rising Tide is the second major expansion DLC for Final Fantasy XVI, available as part of the game’s Expansion Pass. It’ll bring with it new challenges, including an epic new Eikon battle against the mighty Leviathan.