Everything Announced At The June 2024 PlayStation State Of Play

A Solid Showing Of New And Old Projects!

Here we are, halfway through the year, with little to look forward to. PlayStation has been pretty adamant that most of the games revealed or shown will run a selection of projects that are releasing before the end of 2024 for both PlayStation 5 and PSVR2. As we will soon find out, that’s not necessarily the case.

As always, a lot was shown today, so let’s jump straight into it.

A New Astro Bot Game Was Shown And We All Pretended To Be Surprised

Previously leaked last week, it’s nice to see it exists for real. There’s lots of sand, and this looks like a great option for people too stubborn to buy a Nintendo Switch. It features the same charming art style as the previous game and many subtle visual nods to Sony’s first-party canon. It’s out on September 6th 2024.

We Finally Got Our First Look At The PlayStation Exclusive Shooter Shooter, Concord.

The in-engine showcase highlighted cinematic footage of two main characters bickering before quickly beginning a shootout in a bar. It looks like a sci-fi spaghetti western. We were then treated to some gameplay footage of all the characters you can play as. The team has promised there will be new cinematics with new story arcs each week. If you forgot, Concord is a 5v5 PvP multiplayer first-person shooter. Mmm. It’s out on August 23rd and there’s a beta running in July.

We Have A Better Idea Of What The Until Dawn Remake Looks Like

It looks nice, I guess, but I still wonder what we’re doing here. The game is rebuilt and enhanced for PlayStation 5 and PC but still doesn’t have a release date smh. Expect it in Q3 2024.

The First Full Gameplay Trailer For Monster Hunter Wilds Was Shown

It looks much better than previous Monster Hunter games, owing to the latest version of RE Engine. There’s even an enemy with  It’s still coming in 2025, but if you bring your Monster Hunter World saves, you’ll get some cool cats.

Marvel Rivals Is Coming To PlayStation 5 With A Beta Too

This is that Marvel Overwatch hybrid that the developers wouldn’t let streamers play unless they had nice things to say. Interesting. It does look good though, and I haven’t been told to say that. A PlayStation closed beta is happening in July. There’s even a Scarlet Spider skin(?) exclusive to PlayStation 5 and both Venom and Adam Warlock were confirmed for the game too.

A New Silent Hill 2 Remake Focuses On More Combat And Angela

It’s nice to see the project in full swing finally. It’s out in October, which is appropriately spooky.

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God Of War: Ragnarok Is Coming To PC

Wow. Dynamic. It’ll include the Valhalla DLC, too. Jetpack Interactive is handling the port, which will feature unlocked framerates and support for DLSS, FSR, and XESS. As you’d expect from any well-respected PC port, there is Ultrawide support, too. It’s releasing in September later this year.

A Brand New Dynasty Warriors Game Is On The Way

The visuals look significantly upgraded from the previous games, and maybe even the open-world aspect from the last game has been dropped. The combat looks a lot more involved too, but maybe that’s just me. It’s coming in 2025.

A New Platformer Was Shown, Or Something, I Don’t Know

It’s called Infinity Nikki and you play as a girl in a pretty dress who has a weird not-a-moogle in her bike. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s cute, I guess. There is a “test” coming in the third quarter of 2024. That’s all we really know about whatever this is beyond being called an “open-world dress up adventure”.  You use certain outfits to earn powerups. So basically Final Fantasy X-2 but without the brand power.

“We Have Elden Ring at Home” Was Shown

The game features some pretty intense-looking boss battles. It’s called Ballad of Antara, and it’s coming in 2025.

PlayStation Confirmed That They Remember VR2 Exists With A New Melee Game

It’s very snowy and features swords and sword-and-dagger combat against a wide variety of enemies, both big and small. It’s called BEHEMOTH and will be released in the third quarter of 2024.

ALIEN: Rogue Incursion Was Announced For VR2

The gameplay teaser was vague, but it had all the right sounds and appropriate wetness to excite me. It was revealed last month but it’s nice to know it’s coming to VR2 at the end of the year too.

We Saw Some More Footage Of Where Winds Meet

The game is an open-world martial arts game that we saw last year. It’s looking nice. I guess.

We Saw More Of Path Of Exile, Again

It’s looking very Diablo isn’t it. The game will feature a couch co-op option, crossplay and cross-progression, which is always nice. It will launch in early access in late 2024.