Mass Effect Andromeda: Here’s The Definitive List Of Who You Can Romance

Every BioWare game has it’s fair group of Romance Companions but it’s been a bit iffy with Andromeda about who you can and can’t romance. Some sketchy data mining leaks have been the only source up until now, where we’ve managed to get the romance information straight from the developers themselves.

First off, a few tips about romance in Mass Effect Andromeda:

  • Loyalty Missions are easily the best way to advance a romance sub-plot
    • But your actions in those loyalty missions may stop relationships entirely
  • You need to flirt with the character you’re courting at least three times in the game.
  • You can flirt with anyone, but once you commit to one person those options will disappear.
  • Reading emails also plays a part (albeit a small one) so always check those too.
  • Essentially: keep talking to the person you are keen on after each mission

RomanceCora Harper is exclusive to Scott Ryder. Her romance results in an exclusive relationship.

PeeBee is a bit more playful. She can romance with Scott or Sara Ryder, but is happy to enter a no strings attached kind of relationship. If you so wish, you can go exclusive with her as well.

Vetra Nyx is willing to bed either Scott or Sara Ryder, but she also will demand an exclusive relationship.

Liam Kosta is exclusive to Sara Ryder, he doesn’t do guys. But his romance arc is similar to PeeBee’s; that is he is happy to create a “unique” friendship with an additional option to go exclusive as well.

Jaal Ama Darav, contrary to what others might say, will only romance Sara Ryder. He is willing to enter into a unique friendship with Sara with the option to go exclusive too.

Gil Brodie, the ship’s engineer, will only romance Scott Ryder. He has the option to commit at the end of the game’s story.

Suvi Anwar, the ship’s pilot, will only romance Sara Ryder. She also demands an exclusive relationship.

Avela Kjar, the coy curator at the museum on Aya, will have a brief fling with Scott Ryder is he helps her with her job at the museum in the Recovering The Past and the Forgotten Museum quests.

Reyes Vidal, the seedy presence in Kadara, will romance either Scott or Sara Ryder. He’s not fussy. But you will have the option to commit to him if you so wish.

Keri T’Vessa, the journalist who interviews you on the Nexus, will have a brief fling with either Scott or Sara Ryder if you flirt with her enough during the Path of a Hero task. Such an encounter is totally strings free too – it won’t affect any other relationships you might have brewing.

Unfortunately, those looking to bed Natalie Dormer’s Lexi T’Perro, the Tempest’s doctor, will be disappointed to hear she’s just too professional for that. You’re her patient, and nothing else.


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