Tips For South Park: The Fractured But Whole’s Toughest Fight

Spoiler Warning: This contains some end game content spoilers for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Do not proceed if you haven’t finished the game or prefer to experience everything clean.

With its souped-up combat system, The Fractured But Whole takes a noted leap over its predecessor. But the story itself rarely provided a fight worthy enough to be called challenging.

The campaign’s finale, albeit hilarious, was a fairly run of the mill battle that was over as quickly as it started. Who knew that the hardest fight in the game would come from he who guided you, shaped you and moulded you into the gaseous timebomb you are today. That’s right, it’s Morgan Freeman who puts up what is undeniably The Fractured But Whole’s toughest fight.

He may look harmless, but those freckles pack a punch.

Think of him as a sort of true end boss, much like you’d see in a lot of Japanese role-playing games. You can fight him at any point, though it’s recommended that you wait long after the story before tackling him, as his huge pool of 9999 health and devastating attacks are no joke.

What You’ll Need:

  • 800+ Might
  • The ability to use each of your four Summons
  • A lot of healing items and revives

Who To Use:

Though you get to choose three kids to take into battle with you, I think only two are incredibly important.

Mosquito is the first you’d be taking in with his ability to attack Freeman from above and below, plus he has the ability to gross him out, which is going to be vital to whittling down his health reserves.

The second I’d definitely recommend is Mysterio for a multitude of reasons. He can die twice before he’s actually eliminated from a fight, his knockback attacks while alive are valuable plus his ghost-form ultimate not only returns him to his corporeal form, but it heals your team.

Healing and reviving are key to getting through this.

How To Beat Him:

Freeman only has a few attacks at his disposal, but his area-of-effect fart attack is beyond devastating. It’s capable of covering half the board while dealing almost half of a hero’s health in damage. Because of this, it’s a good idea to split your team up, spreading them out. This minimalises the damage he can deal.

That said, you’re not going to let him get that attack off too many times with any luck. Whenever you’re able, use your Timefart to cancel out his attack. (If you’ve got Timefart Summon, this will both cancel his attack and summon a ‘backstory’ version of yourself.)

Be sure to immediately hit Freeman with those status effects. Bleed him and gross him out as soon as you can, so that he’s constantly taking that extra damage throughout the fight.

Freeman will then begin to summon his own ‘backstory’ version of himself, though he’s not particularly difficult or dangerous. If you must, apply chill to the miniature Morgan to keep him at bay while you damage them both until his mini-me falls. The only danger through this phase is Freeman landing a big fart attack, but it’ll never be enough to wipe you out so just keep healing as you go.

It’s the next part that gets a tad hairier as Freeman begins to Charm your heroes. Having a heal at the ready to remove the status effects is always your best bet, but if you’re out of luck, simply smacking the confused hero with a nearby character tends to do the trick and snap them out of it.

If you can keep up this core cycle of bleeding and grossing Freeman out while making good use of your ultimates and Summons, then you shouldn’t have to wait too long before he falls.

If you manage to topple Morgan Freeman then congratulations, you’ve conquered what is likely The Fractured But Whole’s hardest fight.

For it, you receive an artifact that is, by now, probably useless as well as a nice achievement/trophy to go with it called “Farts Over Freckles”.