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How To Fast Travel In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Though you should reconsider it.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is out now, and if you’re just venturing out into its huge and exciting open world you might be wondering how to get around the map as quickly as possible – something that’s not as clearly signposted or even encouraged in the way it is in other open-world games.

While we’d absolutely encourage taking the time to properly wander this wide world, if you’re looking to get somewhere in the shortest amount of time possible here are your options:

How To Fast Travel In Dragon’s Dogma 2


Portcrystals are your primary means of zipping around the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 at a rapid pace. You can find them in some major villages and cities and they need to be activated before you can use them, so it’s good practice to go looking for one every time you venture into a prominent settlement and fire it up.

You’ll also eventually come into your own portable Portcrystals, which can be placed anywhere outside (no caves, structures, etc) to create your own fast travel points. These are very limited in number, but you’re able to re-use them by picking them up and putting them down elsewhere. If you find yourself in need of dipping back to town to re-supply outside of a big challenge it’s a good way to quickly drop back.

Fast travel doesn’t come cheap though, you’ll need to use up one precious Ferrystone item every time you travel, so it’s best to use it very sparingly throughout your journey.

Where To Get Ferrystones

Ferrystones are a fairly uncommon item, though if you’re inclined to turn over every rock, take on every quest and puzzle out every chest you can find then you should amass a healthy enough collection.

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You can also buy Ferrystones at some stores, but they typically cost 10,000 gold which is no small amount. If you’re conservative enough with fast travel you’ll probably always have a stash on you and won’t need to go spending small fortunes on hastening your trips.


While not strictly a fast travel method, oxcarts will allow you and your crew to get to pre-determined spots a little quicker than normal, mostly because you’re able to hit a button to “doze off” during the trip and wake up at your destination.

Be warned though, there’s always a chance the cart could be assailed by beasts or bandits. If you manage to defeat them, you’ll be able to return to the cart and ride on, but if the cart is destroyed you’re left out in the lurch with no other option than to hoof it.

The Best Mode Of Travel…

…is on foot!

While the options are there, it’s always a better idea to simply walk from A to B at every given opportunity in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Not only is the world a joy to explore, you’ll miss out on so many potential emergent bits of gameplay, quests, environmental discoveries and other wonderful things if you just zip around on the in-game map.

This game is designed specifically to encourage exploration, being side-tracked and risking your neck for every venture so embrace it!

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is available now, you can check out our full review here and find the best deals here.