Fall Guys Hex

Tips For Winning Fall Guys And Getting Through The Tricky Minigames

The beauty of Fall Guys is that majority of the games are incredibly simple, but as people put more and more hours in, it’s becoming more competitive out there. After 25 hours with the game (across PC and PlayStation), these are the tips and tricks that I’ve found work for certain minigames. I’d love to hear yours in the comments as well.


  • Diving is your best friend. Seriously, whenever you’re in doubt, just dive. It’s the best way to stop yourself from landing awkwardly or stopping the momentum of movement, the best way to get over the top of a cluttered area full of other players and most definitely the best way to get across the finish line in style.
  • Leading the pack won’t always get you across the line first. Know when to be at the front, middle or back. I’ll go through it a bit below, but being at the front doesn’t always pay off. In a minigame like Tip Toe or Door Dash, you’ll benefit from being in the middle or back, but then you’ll have the easiest run in See Saw if you’re at the front.
  • Don’t grab people unless you want to be grabbed back.


Door Dash is one minigame where I never try to run through the doors first (maybe the first or second round if I’m feeling lucky). If you end up choosing the wrong door at the later rounds, you’ll be stuck at the back of the pack and really hurt your chances of making it through.

It’s also worth jumping and diving over the pack at that last drop before the finish line. If you’re super lucky, someone will jump under you whilst you’re diving, and you’ll get pushed even further and closer to the finish line.

Door Dash


This is one of the most frustrating ones, and it’s often one round before the final. Keep an eye on the tiles in front of you. The shaky ones will wobble, with the stable ones that don’t fall staying still.

Tip Toe is another one where you want to try and hang around near the middle of the pack (or preferably a bit behind it). If you’re near the front, you’ll get pushed off as the path becomes clear and miss out on getting across the line.

It’s also super important in this one to be aware of how many people are in front of you as you get near the end of the pack. If you’re able to keep distance from those that are in front of you (and still safely get across the line), then you’re smarter to do that, rather than rushing and trying to be first or second but then getting knocked off in a pack in a chase to the line.

Tip Toe


See Saw is one where I feel like no matter how far back you are, there’s no need to give up or panic. It’s one that people seem to have a lot of trouble with. You should always try and get out to a lead in See Saw, as the challenge really comes when you get stuck with a pack of people that don’t know how to work together.

Always aim to hit the middle of the see saw and it’s well worth diving across from one see saw to the next.

See Saw


Perfect Match is probably one of my least favourite minigames, just because you can do what I’m about to tell you and get through 9 times out of 10. If you’re not in the mood to play the memory game, you can often just follow the pack and 99% of the time, you’ll end up staying on. It’s worth mentioning that you should try to stay in the middle of the pack, as being on the edge can (and will) result in you getting pushed off.

Perfect Match


The first half of the race will see you pushing the ball through a series of obstacles. You always just want to be planning ahead and be sure that you’re pushing the ball in the general direction you need to go, as it’s hard to push it back if you get stuck at an obstacle.

You’ll want one or two team mates to jump ahead of you down the ledge and try and stop the ball from rolling down as soon as you’re nearing the edge. As soon as you get it to the steep hill, you’re clean.

Rock N Roll


Defense is what will win egg scramble. Initially, you want to try and throw as many of the 50 eggs into your corner as possible. Hopefully, you’ll secure at least one golden egg, when you should then have someone hold onto at all times. As soon as you’re in the lead, you want to switch to defense grabbing anyone that comes in your net, and also have one or two people at the top in case they sneak out.

Egg Scramble


This is one of the team challenges that you can often feel helpless in. The most helpful advice is to jump and dive and try and get under the ball, and stay back if there’s nobody doing so. The easiest and quickest way to score is when the ball drops into the centre. You can literally jump and dive underneath it and get it straight into your goal.


For Tail Tag, I always try to stay near the wrecking balls/swinging objects. It allows you to run around them and get knocked about to get away from your opponents. If you’re standing in the middle of nowhere, then you’ve got nowhere to escape to. There’s multiple variations of this one and that tip stands true for all of them. Obviously with Team Tail Tag, you want to not take the tail from your team mates.

Tail Tag


Block Party is one of those ones that seems easy, but can get hairy pretty quickly. You want to try and stay away from the pack as much as possible (I tend to stay at the back of the platform). I also jump and dive where possible just to ensure that I clear the beam. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the time as this one is based on lasting a set amount and not outlasting a number of people.


My strategy for Roll Out is to always keep moving. Never stand still and always ensure that your camera is level, so you’re aware of how much room you have on either side. I always dive when jumping the smaller games, and I always use the walls to my advantage where provided (it’s near impossible to fall when you’re next to a wall).


Hex-A-Gone has you running has you running around multiple levels of hexagons that are disappearing after you touch them. Obviously, you want to stay up for as long as possible, and try and plan your fall so that you don’t fall straight through.

All hope isn’t lost if you’re first to the bottom though. Your best bet is to hollow out the middle of the level so that others fall straight through. You should also try to cut people off to give yourself as many hexes as possible. You can also jump (rather than run) across each hex in order to buy yourself more time, but that comes with the risk of staying on one for too long and falling through.

If you get really desperate at the end, you can dive to nearby hexes, which will keep you alive that little big longer. You can general make the distance of one hex. The most important thing in Hex-A-Gone is to always be planning ahead and know your next move.

Hex party


Fall Mountain requires a lot of luck to go your way. You obviously want to stay away from the balls, and try and run the same way that the spinning wheels are going, so that if they hit you, they push you forward rather than back you.

Obviously, once you get to the crown, you need to wait for it to be within jumping distance and grab (using right trigger or shift) to actually grab it. It’s well worth never giving up in this one as other players might need to wait depending on how high the crown is.

Fall Mountain

Let us know in the comments below which minigames you have the most trouble with, and your tips and tricks for conquering certain minigames.