Fall Guys

Don’t Forget To Grab The Crown In Fall Guys

There’s nothing sweeter than your first win in Fall Guys, especially if it comes in the Fall Mountain mini game where it’s a fast-paced battle to be the first one to grab the crown. That is, if you don’t forget to grab it (or miss it all together).

After spending more than a few hours with the PlayStation 4 version of the game (after spending the last few weekends on the PC beta), it’s becoming clear that people don’t realise that you need to actually grab the crown and not just jump into it.

In order to win the minigame, you need to correctly time your jump and then press Right Trigger on your controller or shift on your PC when you’re right at the crown, if you don’t you’ll just dive straight down like so many people are doing, and the person behind you will Bradbury their way to a win.

I think that Fall Mountain is my favourite mini game in Fall Guys. It perfectly sums up the sillyness of the entire game. You think you can be leading the way in a game, all for it to mean nothing seconds later, when a massive ball knocks you over, or you don’t make it through one of the spinning turntables cleanly. It’s high tension all the way to the end, and it’s obvious that people are overthinking it or not thinking about it at all.

It might just be because I’m in lockdown, but Fall Guys is exactly what I feel the gaming scene needs right now. It’s a hilarious game that makes me more angry than any games I’ve ever played, but I’m easily able to brush it off and move onto the next game. I can’t wait to see what the team do with the game next, and I really hope that it has a long life, well into the future.