Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Trophy Guide – Tips To Grab The Platinum

Hopefully, if you find yourself reading this, you’re lucky enough to have access to a PlayStation 5 console and you’ve picked up the excellent Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (read our review here if you still need convincing). If that’s the case you might find yourself wondering what sort of journey you’re in for in tackling the game’s exhaustive list of Trophies. To that end we’ve put together this quick rundown of all of the trophies available to achieve for quick reference, as well as some tips and tricks for some of the more difficult ones.

If we have one recommendation when looking at the below trophy list, it’d be to stop looking and just enjoy the game. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a fantastic experience, and to the best of our knowledge contains no missable trophies, so it’s in your best interest to simply enjoy the game at your own pace and worry about cleaning up anything you’ve missed at the end. Our estimates put the game at around 12-15 hours to complete in full with a potential couple of hours extra to clean up any trophies you may have left afterward.

One major way to make the entire trophy hunting process a lot easier is to pick up the Map-O-Matic, which is a reward for completing a side mission in one of the game’s later levels (on the planet Ardolis). Once you’ve got that, all of the Spybots, Gold Bolts, Raritanium, Pocket Dimensions and Blizon Crystals will show up on the map screen for each planet. This eliminates a lot of hunting around and will help tick off a large number of the below trophies.

Once you’ve played through and enjoyed the game, have a look at the list below to spot anything you’ve got left to check off.



Masters of the Multiverse
Collect All Trophies


2 Fuzz 2 Nefarious
[Obtained during story]

Fully Stacked
Purchase All Weapons

You’ll need a bit of cash to pick up every weapon in Rift Apart, and you’ll also need to find all of the Spybots as well as finish the game at least once to grab the three super-special guns. See our guide on getting the RYNO 8, the Bouncer and the Pixeliser for more info.


Can’t Stop Me
Complete a Gold Cup Battleplex Challenge

At Zurkie’s, a location you’ll visit multiple times during the game’s story, you’ll find the Batteplex arena with a series of combat challenges on offer. You’ll only have access to the Bronze cup initially (and you’ll obtain the priory trophy, Victory!, when you complete your first challenge during the story) but Silver and Gold cups will open up as you play through the game. Simply complete one Gold cup once available to unlock this trophy.

Does This Make My Tail Look Big?
Acquire and Equip Head, Torso, and Leg Armor

Only a tad more involved than the bronze Sartorial Steel trophy, this one requires you to collect and equip a full set of armour. You don’t need all of it to match, you just need to have an armour piece equipped on each body part to pop this trophy.

Nooks and Crannies
Collect Five Gold Bolts

You’ll naturally pick up at least a few Gold Bolts just by playing, and five is much less than half of the total number to find. If you get stuck, remember that you’ll be able to earn the Map-O-Matic on planet Ardolis later in the game that’ll mark all of these on your map on every planet.

They Blow Up So Fast
Get a Weapon to Level Five

Weapons in Rift Apart level up as you use them, and they do so quite quickly, so you should naturally find your favourite weapons all hitting that soft level cap quite early on.

There’s Even a Cupholder
Fully Upgrade a Weapon

Full upgrading a weapon requires maxing out its level, as well as unlocking all of its bonus upgrade nodes at Mrs Zurkon’s. Doing that requires Raritanium, which you’ll find all throughout the game. If you focus on just one weapon’s upgrades to start with you should nab this pretty quickly – and remember the Map-O-Matic highlights Raritanium locations for you if you find yourself short!

Full Rack
Fill a Weapon Wheel

Your weapon wheel in Rift Apart is invaluable, bringing it up mid-combat slows the game down to a pause so you can switch weapons and devise your strategies without being bombarded. Each page of the wheel holds eight weapons, and there are a total of 20 in the game, so you’ll fill the first wheel quite quickly just by spending your bolts at Mrs Zurkon’s to unlock new guns.

Aim to Misbehave
Acquire the RYNO

The RYNO 8 is Rift Apart’s most powerful weapon, and can be yours as soon as you collect every hidden Spybot in the game. Acquiring the Map-O-Matic in Ardolis is still the best way to polish off all of the game’s collectibles, but if you’d like a little more detailed help just jump over to our guide on unlocking the RYNO 8.


Rift Apart
[Obtained during story]

Hide ‘N Seekerpede
[Obtained during story]

[Obtained during story]

Hey Lombax DJ
Play Three Songs on Zurkie’s Jukebox

Also at Zurkie’s, you’ll find a jukebox in the back of the bar near the counter. Interact with the jukebox to play a song from a selection of tracks from the game, with the list of available songs growing as you collect Gold Bolts. Simply change the song three times to unlock this trophy – and don’t forget to have a dance while you’re there!

This Crystal Is My Things
[Obtained during story]

Don’t You Walk Away From Me
[Obtained during story]

It’s Loose!
[Obtained during story]

Emotional Support Robot
[Obtained during story]

Rated Aaarrr!
[Obtained during story]

Return to Sender
[Obtained during story]

No Bones About It
[Obtained during story]

I’m the Warden Now
[Obtained during story]

More Than Lint
Enter a Hidden Pocket Dimension

Pocket Dimensions in Rift Apart are special inter-dimensional areas that contain quickfire challenges. They’re very easy to spot, giant purple-ish tears in the fabric of space that prompt Ratchet or Rivet to pull them open with a tap of L1. You’ll actually head into one of these during the story so this trophy is guaranteed automatically.

Sartorial Steel
Acquire a Piece of Armour

As above, most armour pieces are obtained by completing Pocket Dimensions, though some are also granted by completing optional objectives in the game. You’ll absolutely find at least one just by playing the game. You don’t even need to equip any armour for this trophy – just obtain one.

Collect a Gold Bolt

Gold Bolts are one the game’s main, tracked collectibles. You’ll absolutely come across at least one of these over the course of the game, even if you’re not looking for them intentionally. The great part about collecting Gold Bolts is that they unlock a series of ‘cheats’ like a big/tiny head mode, new skins for your ship and weapons and even infinite health and ammo modes that don’t affect your trophy progress!

Quantum Mechanic
Repair a Dimensional Anomaly

Dimensional Anomalies are special puzzle sequences just for Clank, where he must lead a bunch of dimensional robot clones to the end of a series of platforms using special nodes. You’ll complete the first one as part of the story, so this trophy can’t be missed.

Glitch, Uh, Finds a Way
Complete All Glitch Challenges

Glitch is the cute little robot that helps Ratchet and team by clearing out viruses from various computer terminals in the game. Most of the Glitch challenge levels will occur naturally through the story but a couple are tied to opening up collectible locations. As long as you’re going for the other trophies and using the Map-O-Matic to find everything on each planet this should come naturally.

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Shifty Character
Hit Every Blizon Crystal on Blizar and Cordelion

Blizon Crystals show up on two planets in the game and have the super-cool effect of switching the entire dimension you’re standing in when you hit them. This trophy might prove tricky for some as there are definitely instances in at least one of these planets where you could play too well and complete everything without needing to hit every single crystal, but in the interest of this trophy it’s worth hitting them all anyway. Again, the Map-O-Matic is your friend as it will show you where all of these are.

Bounce on Big Al, Clank, and Qwark’s Parade Balloons

The very first stage in the game sees Ratchet and Clank bouncing across a series of parade balloons based on characters from the series. Just make sure you bounce on these three, you’ll need to anyway!

Max Relax
Find the Nefarious Citizens by the Hot Springs

These holiday-ing Nefarious City bots can be found on the planet Savali. They’re hard to miss as they’re chilling by a hot spring right next to one of this planet’s mission givers and a Mrs. Zurkon’s. See the below image of you get stuck – just walk up to them and this trophy will pop.

Lombax and Chill
Turn on the TV in Rivet’s Hideout

On planet Sargasso, you’ll come across Rivet’s hideout during a story sequence. You can’t wander around in there straight way but once you’re free to roam the level properly you can head back. See the below images for its approximate location. The TV will have a prompt to interact with it and once you do you’ll have your trophy.

Alert the Sponsors
Perform Five Trick Jumps on a Grind Rail

Trick jumps are performed by ‘double jumping’ while you’re on a grind rail. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to do this throughout the game so just spam that jump button until you get it.

Melee Five Frozen Enemies

The Cold Snap weapon freezes enemies in their tracks, making them vulnerable to a proper beating! Just melee five enemies after freezing them and you’ll take home this easy trophy.

No Need for Multiball
Kill Two Enemies With a Single Ricochet Round

The Ricochet is one of our favourite weapons in Rift Apart, and one reason for this is that it will continue to bounce on enemies even if the one it’s initially aimed at dies. To make this trophy as easy as possible, just fire the weapon at a group of small enemies and go wild on the trigger, it’ll chew through a bunch of them and you’ll get this trophy.

Return Policy
Kill 10 Enemies by Returning Shots with the Void Reactor

The Void Reactor is the level 5 version of the Void Repulser, a weapon that allows Ratchet and Rivet to deploy a shield that absorbs enemy rounds and can be fired forward as its own projectile. Once it’s become the Reactor variant, it can gain the ability to return absorbed enemy ammo when it’s fired forward as well. The best place to do this and kill 10 enemies is the arena at Zurkie’s. Just pick an early challenge with standard grunt enemies, whittle their health down and then wait for them to shoot you so you can finish them off with their own bullets.

Hole Puncher
Get 20 Headshots with the Headhunter

The Headhunter is a late-game weapon and another one of our favourites. It’s a sniper rifle that slows down time when aiming down sights so you can nail those satisfying headshots. The pirate bots that pop up in the same level you first get this weapon are great headshot fodder.

Life of the Party
Deploy 50 Mr. Fungis

Mr. Fungi will feel familiar to anyone who’s played the older R&C titles and used Mr. Zurkon. When you deploy your new ‘shroomy friend, he’ll roam the battlefield and help pick off enemies for you. Ensure you continue to use his help throughout the game (a later upgrade will let you deploy two at a time, handily) and you’ll unlock this trophy well before the end.

Extreme Gardening
Defeat 30 Enemies While They are Topiary’d

Ah, the Topiary Cannon, another of our favourites. This weapon shoots a watery substance at nearby enemies that turns them into hedge sculptures. Simply do this to enemies and then quickly defeat them while they’re hedge-ified, rinse and repeat 30 times. Easy!

It’s So Fluffy!
Find a CraiggerBear

CraiggerBears are probably the trickiest collectible in the game in that they’re not marked or tracked anywhere and some are quite tough to spot. There’s one on each planet, and while this trophy only asks for one, the UnBEARably Awesome trophy requires that you find all of them. See that one above for a guide on where each of this is hidden.

Extinction Event
Kill Five Grunthors

Grunthors are the big dinosaur-looking beasties on the planet Sargasso. You’ll fight more than five just by exploring the planet, and even if not they respawn any time you come back so just remember to check in on them and then grind them into dust to get your trophy.

Just Stay Down
Defeat 30 Ejected Nefarious Trooper Heads

Nefarious’ robot troopers show up on just about every level in Rift Apart, and you’ll notice their main commonality is in their big ol’ orange domes. The trophy description would imply that you need to cause a complete Nefarious Trooper to eject its head first and then defeat that head, but the heads quite often spawn on their own as smaller enemies and I nabbed the trophy quite quickly so there’s a chance these count as well.

Must Go Faster
Do a Trick Jump While Going at Max Speed with the Hoverboots

Just like when you’re on a grind rail, if you ‘double jump’ while using the Hoverboots you’ll perform a trick jump. To get this trophy, you’ll first need to hit max speed by going across a boost pad or pumping the boots with the L2 button before attempting the trick jump.

Planning Some Destruction
Collect a Spybot

Spybots are a hidden collectible in Rift Apart that contain important information for the Resistance in Rivet’s dimension. You’ll absolutely find at least one of these before the game ends, but you’ll need to go and collect all of them for the Aim to Misbehave trophy, anyway.

Feeding Friendsy
Collect 10 Zurpstones for Trudi

One of the game’s handful of side missions tasks you with finding special Zurpstones on Sargasso to feed a friend’s pet dragon, Trudi. There are multiple parts to the quest but by the end you’ll have collected well in excess of 10 of these, so the trophy will be yours in no time.

Sweet, Sweet Victory
Collect Honey for Chef Tulio

Another side mission, this time on Blizar Prime. The enigmatic Chef Tulio is hanging around in the ‘intact’ dimensional variant of this planet and wants you to help her defend a honey-mining machine from waves of baddies. Do this, and you’ll have earned yourself a trophy.

Might’ve Broken Something
Collect Three Lorbs

A side mission on Savali sees you finding Lorbs (Lore Orbs) for one of its citizens. There are far more than three to find for the quest, so you’ll grab this trophy naturally well before you complete it.


Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is out now exclusively for PS5. The cheapest price is currently $98 on Amazon.

Our review for the game can be found right here.