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How To Unlock All Of The Skins In The Last Of Us Part 2’s No Return Mode

No second chances...

No Return, for returning players especially, is as good a reason as any to be picking up The Last of Us Part II Remastered this month when it launches for PlayStation 5. 

It’s a jam-packed roguelike mode that time and again recontextualises and presents the game’s visceral and stark combat in so many different lights. I always found it novel to be fighting a faction like The Rattlers in one of Seattle’s dilapidated parking garages, as they only feature in the game’s closing chapters far away from the so-called Emerald City. 

Another thing I love about No Return is how it places us in the shoes of so many different characters from within The Last of Us Part II’s universe. I refrain from referring to them as good or bad as the game is deliberate in its attempts to humanise all sides in this grey world, so I’ll do as they do and refer to the characters as either Ellie-aligned or Abby-aligned. 

Here’s a rundown of all of the playable characters, their unique skins, and how to unlock the lot. 

These all presented as challenges from within the No Return menu. It’s also worth noting that unless a character is specifically mentioned, these challenges can be completed by any character. 



Complete 2 encounters with Ellie

Unlocks Dina as a playable character

Upgrade all Perseverance skills as Ellie

Unlocks Ellie’s ‘Plaid’ skin

Kill 4 enemies with Molotovs in one encounter

Unlocks Ellie’s ‘Rain Jacket’ skin

Collect every gun in one run as Ellie

Unlocks Ellie’s ‘Savage Starlight’ skin


Complete 3 encounters with Dina

Unlocks Jesse as a playable character

Kill 4 enemies with trap mines in one encounter

Unlocks Dina’s ‘Hangout’ skin

Craft 10 times in a run

Unlocks Dina’s ‘Casual’ skin

Craft a health kit, Molotov, trap mine, and stun bomb in a run

Unlocks Dina’s ‘Patrol’ skin


Complete 3 encounters with Jesse

Unlocks Tommy as a playable character

Purchase 10 items from the Trading Post in one run

Unlocks Jesse’s ‘Festival’ skin

Kill 3 enemies with pipe bombs in one encounter

Unlocks Jesse’s ‘Patrol’ skin


Complete 4 encounters with Tommy

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Unlocks Joel as a playable character

Kill 5 enemies in one encounter while zoomed in with a scope

Unlocks Tommy as an ally in No Return

Complete a run with only your initial gun or guns

Unlocks Tommy’s ‘Patrol’ skin

Complete an encounter where every kill is a headshot

Unlocks Tommy’s ‘Sweatshirt’ skin

Complete an encounter without missing a single shot

Unlocks Tommy’s ‘Winter’ skin


Complete an infected encounter as Joel

Unlocks Joel as an ally in No Return

Kill 6 enemies using the same gun without reloading in an encounter

Unlocks Joel’s ‘Casual’ skin

Kill 3 enemies with shivs in one encounter

Unlocks Joel’s ‘Salt Lake City’ skin

Hit 5 enemies with a bottle or brick in one run

Unlocks Joel’s ‘Winter’ skin

Complete a bloater boss encounter as Joel

Unlocks Joel’s ‘Boston’ skin



Complete 2 encounters with Abby

Unlocks Lev as a playable character 

Gain 50 health from melee kills and attacks in one encounter

Unlocks Abby’s ‘Vintage Naughty Dog’ skin

Upgrade 3 melee weapons in a run

Unlocks Abby’s ‘Bomber’ skin

Complete an encounter with all melee kills

Unlocks Abby’s ‘Badlands’ skin


Complete 3 encounters with Lev

Unlocks Yara as a playable character

Get 7 kills with explosive arrows in one run

Unlocks Lev’s ‘Santa Barbara’ skin

Craft 20 arrows of any type in one run

Unlocks Lev’s ‘White Shirt’ skin

Complete an encounter with all bow kills

Unlocks Lev’s ‘Abby’s Jacket’ skin


Complete 3 encounters with Yara

Unlocks Mel as a playable character 

Complete a Seraphite encounter as Yara

Unlocks Yara’s ‘Safehouse’ skin

Defeat 3 Seraphite brutes

Unlocks Yara’s ‘Aquarium’ skin


Complete 4 encounters with Mel

Unlocks Manny as a playable character

Craft 8 health kits in a run

Unlocks Mel’s ‘Aquarium’ skin

Heal 80 health with one health kit

Unlocks Mel’s ‘Seattle’ skin


Fully upgrade any gun

Unlocks Manny’s ‘Winter’ skin

Kill 5 enemies with incendiary shotgun shells in one run

Unlocks Manny’s ‘Firefly’ skin

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