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The Sea Of Thieves PS5 Beta Is On This Weekend With Exclusive Rewards

Open seas, closed beta.

Rare has announced that a Closed Beta for the upcoming PS5 version of its long-running and previously Xbox and PC-exclusive piracy sim, Sea of Thieves, is kicking off this weekend and will grant exclusive rewards for those who dare to chart its waters.

The Sea of Thieves PS5 Closed Beta will set sail at 7PM AEST on Friday, April 12th and run until the same time on April 15th. You’ll need to pre-order any edition of the game on the PlayStation Store in order to get access, but playing Sea of Thieves on PS5 during the Closed Beta will net you the Dauntless Adventurer sails and title to use in the full game (and exclusively on the PS5 version) when it launches on April 30th and prove your dedication to the PlayStation pirate’s life.

Sea of Thieves players on PS5 can expect parity with the Xbox version, meaning a 4K mode that is designed to run at 60FPS, as well as a high-performance 120Hz mode that’s scaled down to 1080p resolution. One added benefit players will have on Sony’s console is compatibility with the DualSense controller’s unique features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, as well as the built-in microphone and speaker for chatting to fellow pirates even without a proper headset.

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Account-wise, players will be able to carry across their pirate from the Xbox/PC versions of the game thanks to a (required) Microsoft account sign-in, including all of their progress aside from an odd few platform-exclusive cosmetic items. Some of the game’s 60 base trophies will also automatically unlock based on previous progress, though Rare says not all achievements will automatically convert, and more trophies will be added to match the staggering 250+ on other platforms.

You can read the full, extensive FAQ on Sea of Thieves’ PS5 launch right here.