The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered: Where To Find The Strange Artifact And Unlock The Relic Of The Sages Trophy

Precursor? I hardly know her.

The below guide has been repurposed from our original guide content for The Last of Us Part II and contains images from the PS4 version of the game. Everything contained with in will still apply to The Last of Us Part II Remastered on PS5. Please note that there are spoilers below for anyone yet to play the game.

As soon as I uncovered Nathan Drake’s ring at Westlake Bank back when The Last of Us Part II originally launched, I couldn’t help but wonder whether Naughty Dog would go so far as to plant a monument to Jak and Daxter, their franchise that doesn’t nearly get the love it deserves. I was pleased as punch to discover that they had, slipping it into a chapter in the game’s second half, and of course the same can be said about the remaster.


The chapter falls under Abby Seattle Day 1 – Hostile Territory and focuses on Abby’s search for Owen. Under the glare of a setting sun, the goal is to simply head west and follow the light. A handful of minutes after being left alone, you’ll hop a fence and round the corner into a small Asian strip mall. The shops offer a few secrets, a safe among them, but most importantly, this is the area that a Precursor Orb can be found, a sly nod to the Jak and Daxter franchise.

You’ll proceed down the alley and go upstairs in the last store on the left. After crawling beneath an obstructing table, only a couple of Clickers stand between you and this peculiar, alien relic.

Leap across to the adjacent balcony and once you explore the upstairs rooftop, proceed on the intended path. Don’t jump down the hole just yet.

Before you descend to the ground floor, turn around and check the desk. You’ll spot the orb under a desk fan.

Much like Drake’s ring, you’ll receive a bronze trophy for your trouble called ‘Relic of the Sages’.

The game now expects you to jump down the hole to become a veritable bull in a china shop, destroying infected and pottery alike.

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