Tales of Symphonia Remastered collection announced.

Namco Bandai announced At Tales of Festival 2013 The Tales of Symphonia: “Unisonant Pack”  The Pack will contain Tales of Symphonia and The Sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn. With new Cover art, Tales of the Abyss costumes for Lloyed and Genis,  new Mystic artes cut-in images,  and remixes for all Versions of the Theme songs from each game. Meaning both the Gamecube and the PS2 versions respectively get their own remix.

A collectors edition has also been announced, however it is exclusive to Namco Bandai’s LaLabit marketplace.

tales-of (1)

The collection currently has a release date of October 10th in Japan for the PS3. However there seems to be intent on releasing the collection internationally with the Title of Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles. No details on a release date has been announced as of yet though.

I’m excited for this, I didn’t find out about the Tales Series until I played Tales of  Vesperia on the Xbox 360. So I couldn’t be happier to be able to have the chance to revisit older entries in HD. However this brings up the point on whether HD remasters are saturating the Market. What do you Tales fans think, is this necessary? Or are you excited to be able to visit these games again? Let us know!