Fable Anniversary Edition Announced

Yesterday During Major Nelson’s podcast, Lionhead representative Ted Timmins, announced that we will be seeing the release of Fable Anniversary for the 360 at the end of 2013.

For those wondering what this entails, Fable anniversary is a HD remake of Fable: The Lost chapters. However according to Lionhead, this isn’t just going to be a simple visual upgrade but a complete HD overhaul.

They weren’t kidding

Unreal engine 3 lighting, updated textures, a new animation system for faces and cutscenes, updated interface, controls, revamped save system and all in glorious 1080p.

It really seems that Lionhead is dedicated to not just make this a simple cash in of a classic game. That makes me happy, while in my opinion it’s too early for a HD remake of Fable. I only just realize that it is almost 10 years since the original game came out. A new generation of gamers have started and grown during the Xbox 360’s life span. Unless they got the XBLA release, many gamers first fable was indeed Fable 2. It will be great to give fans a love letter while giving a whole new generation an idea of where the classic franchise started.

You can expect Fable Anniversary to come out in the Holiday season of 2013.