Fable’s Narrative Lead Has Left Playground Games

A chapter closes.

Anna Megill, who joined Fable (and Forza Horizon) developer Playground Games in 2021 and was made Narrative Lead on Fable in 2022, has announced via Twitter that she’s departing the studio in August. Leaving behind a “heroically talented team,” Megill says that she’d reached a “good stopping point” to exit the project and take a rest before heading into a mystery new project.

Megill’s initial tweets announcing her exit read:

“Friends, I have news. In August, I’m stepping away from my role as Narrative Lead on Fable. I’ve had several wonderful years scribbling away in my fairytale cottage, but the time feels right for new challenges.

“Working on Fable was a dream come true for me, and it’s wrenching to leave it behind. But Playground has assembled a Heroically talented team, so I know it’s in good hands. I’m excited for what’s coming next—for them and for me.

“I’m taking some time off to rest from a wildly busy year (I wrote TWO books, y’all), but I’ll be ready for a new project in October.”

Megill also reiterated that her departure was not due to any internal issues at Playground Games, saying “Some folks are being silly, so let me be clear: I reached a good stopping point to jump off the project, so I did. And I decided to take a small break before jumping into my next gig. That’s it I have nothing but fondness & respect for Playground & my colleagues there.”

The rebooted take on Fable was recently shown off after a lengthy period of silence at the June Xbox Games Showcase with a gorgeous trailer featuring Richard Ayoade. Although it didn’t come along with any new concrete info or release window for the game, it was apparently all captured running on an Xbox Series X, which is mighty impressive if accurate:

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