Xbox One Gets New Racing Wheel

Announced in one of the quieter corners of the original Xbox One reveal event in May, the new Xbox One won’t be compatible with any of the existing Xbox 360 peripherals. This means that remotes, controllers, headsets and those expensive racing wheels will all be off the table when it comes to hooking them up to your shiny new Xbox One. If you are an avid driving fan however, and yearn to have the feel of the wheel in your hands when driving in the new Forza 5 then Mad Catz have you covered. Known for their 3rd part peripherals, Mad Catz are one of the few companies to secure a licence from Microsoft to make devices for the new console, including the “Mad Catz Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox One”. The new wheel will support Xbox One as well as feature force feedback alongside adjustable pedals and wheel mount.



There is no news on pricing or release in Australia as of yet but it is likely to be available shortly after the console launches in November and hopefully in time for Forza 5