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Minecraft Add-Ons Have Arrived To Bring A New Kind Of Mod For All Platforms


Microsoft and Mojang have today revealed the release of Add-Ons for Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, bringing the joy of mods to players on every platform in a bite-size way that’s compatible with all existing worlds.

Mods will change the way that things in the game look and behave, from custom blocks, items and mobs to recipes and other game content, and unlike most traditional Marketplace content they can be introduced and even combined within your already-established worlds. Some examples of Add-Ons that the team has given include things like a gravestone that safely stores items where a player dies, new types of portals connecting two points in the overworld, all-new pets and completely unique furniture and other objects. Add-ons can also be applied to multiplayer worlds and Realms, and only the world owner needs to own the Add-On.

Crucially, Add-Ons are designed to be safe and easy to install with no need to sideload content like mods – they’re simply downloadable from the Minecraft Marketplace (although the team stresses that support for third-party sideloaded mods isn’t going anywhere). They’re rolling out right now to PC, consoles and any other devices that can run Minecraft Bedrock in what Mojang is calling a “snapshot” into what they’ll look like in the future, with the intention of testing them out and getting feedback from the community before even more is rolled out throughout the year.

There are already a heap of great-looking Add-Ons available to download from the Minecraft Marketplace, both free and premium, so go ahead and check them all out here and learn more about Minecraft Add-Ons here.