Sony have announced a new Vita at their pre TGS conference.

This new model will be 20% thinner than the current model and 15% lighter.

It will come with 1gb of inbuilt memory which will mean that you finally don’t have to buy a memory card in order to play some games.

It’ll be available in yellow, pink, white, gray, lime green and and light blue.

The screen has been replaced with an LCD and battery life will last an extra hour.

It will launch in Japan on October 10th. It is not clear if it will release anywhere else at this stage.









  • PSorbisnews

    Very sad that OLED got replace by LCD now. 🙁

    • Jason Mounce

      Yea….that’s very strange. It’s almost like a benefit now to have the original if you want sharper colors.

    • GaySkull

      You do know LED LCD displays are more mature tech than OLED displays, right? Have you used a Retina display or IPS LCD display? They can go toe to toe with OLED at less cost.

      • cell989

        no OLED still offers 0 reflection, I can play my Vita at the lowest brightness possible and it still looks vibrant, and the viewing angle is never an issue either

      • Robbie Adams

        Retina is a marketing term used by Apple. It signifies high pixel density… There is no such “Retina display made… which ironically many Smartphones have a higher pixel density and higher resolutions then the iPhone and iPads.
        Moreover those “retina” displays are made by LG and other companies. It’s also a IPS display 😉

        • Except they all look significantly worse than the iPhone 5. Even LG’s own phones.

          • Robbie Adams

            Hmmmm interesting. Please provide proof to this as the LG G2 and the HTC One are considered to have the best display based on industry professionals. I can literally pull up dozens of reputable sites saying this. You will not be able to do the same for the iPhone 5. Moreover the screen technology the iPhone is using is older then the display technology then the HTC One AND LG G2.
            HEY I could be wrong… Show me where the iPhone screen is the best now……. Good luck with its screen density that is lower and its screen not even a HD resolution.
            Apple lost the best screen title some time ago… Unless you read it from appleinsider 😉

          • Simply looking at them side by side makes it glaringly obvious how substandard the other display are. Even the 400+ ppi screens make icons look “jagged” compared to the iPhone 5.

            When you look at the subpixel arrangement, the iPhone 5 looks neat, closely packed and orderly like a very high quality computer monitor and all the others are disorderly and look defective.

          • Robbie Adams

            Hey I am not arguing with you. I will fully agree with you 200% and more. If you provide proof to what you say other then your opinion. What you are stating is simply not reflective of the industry professionals who are stating THE EXACT OPPOSITE to what your stating. As a mater of fact. Those very same professionals who once said the iPhone 5 has the best display are now the very same ones that are stating that the HTC One and LG G2 has the better display.
            All I am asking is for you to provide proof other then your opinion and the will believe you. Please don’t use Appleinsider for the obvious reasons 😉

        • GaySkull

          yup i know
          i have a Galaxy S3, new Nexus 7, iPad and Macbook Pro at home… so i know their strengths and weaknesses

          HD LCD is a very smart move by Sony

  • Gamer Thought

    small typo just so you know when you start. Says sound not sony

    • Diego Arlek

      Corrected. Thank you kind sir.

  • Guest

    Okay EPIC FAIL!
    Only 1 hour battery life more, a piss poor 1GB of memory, no HDMI out and a display downgrade. PauperStation alright.
    And then $0n¥ wants to milk your wallet with a PoS TV device that doesn’t support all the Vita games.
    GTFO of business $0n¥!

    • Saul Martinez

      It will not support games that utilize special vita features… its called PS TV. And HDMI is kind of useless on the Vita, other than to watch the occasional movie, what else is the need for it? You can stream on the PS3, PS4 and PS TV so whatever. 1 GB is pretty shitty, I wonder if its cheaper though.

    • GaySkull

      The only failure here is you.
      Failure to see and failure to understand.

    • Kayoss860

      I guess you dont understand the meaning of portable. Why the hell would i want to attach a freakin hdmi cable to my tv and play with my vita. This is for people who complained that the Vita was too expensive, in order to cut down the cost they had to cut down on feature. Plus, no one is trying to milk your wallet. Its optional not mandatory. You should look at Sony’s competitor when you talk about Milking (a camera that is forced down consumers throat), I will not say who Sony’s competitor is, but I think you have enough brain cells to figure that out for yourself.
      Im just happy that the new PS Vita will not come with AAA batteries.

    • ThePokeMaster

      It’s not a downgrade if you knew anything about new LCD tech.
      IgnorantBox alright.

    • Tim Tsai

      Your “pauperstation” tagline makes no sense, at all. -_-“

      • Dakan45

        Why are you such a huge sony faggot?

        • Tim Tsai

          LOL, because I’m not. Why are you replying to me 3 months later? Trust me, you’re fighting a battle that’s impossible for you to win. Doesn’t matter how many anti-Sony comments you make because it won’t change a thing.

          • Dakan45

            because you are a sony pony, you anna helusic, thepokemaster and ritjusan are the biggest paupers in the net.

          • Tim Tsai

            Oh, look, the stupid pauper tagline again. Wow, so original…. -_-” You could be more creative with your insults, but you even fail in that department. Good luck with your crusader complex, because you have already failed to stop the PS4 from crushing the competition. The fact that you’re trying to pick a fight on a 3+ month old article is desperation at its finest. LOL

          • Dakan45

            “because you have already failed to stop the PS4 from crushing the competition.”

            Xbox one is the competition? Then there wasnt anything to crush.

    • Ritsujun

      Try harder.

      • Dakan45

        be less of a sony cunt

    • Ana Heluši?

      Yep a lamebox user bitching, PS WINS

  • Rocamx

    A PS VITA… TV??! WTF and THEN the Sony trolls hating Xbox ONE because it has TV feature?! I preferred the ALL IN ONE XBOX ONE! JUMP IN!

    • Tom Rae

      Maybe you should actually do some research before jumping in with stupid comments.

    • Baron Von Rhett

      Except this isn’t really intended as a PS4 accessory. It is touted as a PS VITA accessory and is designed so that you can play Vita games on your TV and steam other games as well. Basically, it is it’s own entity and is not one of their selling points for their flagship console. Also, why are you bring this up on this article? just wanted to troll, eh?

    • jspillen

      It looks like it will also allow you to stream your PS4 to other TV’s in the house.

      • jspillen

        Can’t tell you how many times I have to move out of the living room because my wife has some other women stopping by. Now I can truly just pause and go down to the man cave. Too many times I’ve raced to turn of the PS3 and carry the thing downstairs.

  • Julio Garcia
  • Ilovegoogleglass

    Looks good.

  • da Boss

    I was completely fine with it until i saw that the OLED was replaced by LCD. Fuck that. Slimmer, lighter, 1gig and an extra hour definitely dont make up for that shit. The only thing that justifies it is that the vita is a hundred bucks cheaper. If it weren’t for that, this would fucking suck balls.