Steam Family Sharing Announced

It seems that everyone is having this idea of sharing games with your friends and family. With Sony keeping it simple, allowing you to just lend the discs to your friends, to Microsofts now canned plan we didn’t really get much info on. Now Valve has joined the party! Announcing a Family sharing program for steam. Beta will also be starting in about a week Register over here.

It allows users to share their ENTIRE steam library, however the catch it that only one person can access it at a time. So if you’re the owner of the library and you accidentally kick off one of your family members they have a few minutes to quit playing or to just buy the game they are running.

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There are some restrictions though, any game that uses external third party software such as Origin or Uplay cannot be accessed. Games and DLC that are region restricted (Saints Row 4 for example) cannot be shared either.

So, this is the first sort of digital game sharing we are seeing become fully implemented. What are your thoughts on it? Anything that needs to be changed in how it works? Do you think it’s fair? Let us know.