Review: Turbo Super Stunt Squad

TURBO story
Turbo is a movie from DreamWorks animation. Turbo is a garden snail who has the dream of being the greatest racer in the world. He is obsessed with speed and all things fast. This is extremely odd for a snail which makes it such an interesting concept as a movie.

Turbo Presentation
The presentation in Turbo is pretty much what you’d expect from a movie to game tie-in. It does enough to get the job done however boring locations and average graphics weren’t even enough to please my 6 year old nephew for very long.

Turbo Screen1
The soundtrack was a huge let down. It features an extremely repetitive turbo inspired track that plays and plays for the entirety of the game. I’m yet to see the movie but I feel as though they would’ve had a lot more to choose from.

Turbo Gameplay
Turbo Super Stunt Squad is not a racing game. To my surprise when first playing it is a kiddy rip off of the Tony Hawk franchise. You have 5 different environments to choose from and the objectives range from collecting letters to create a word of completing difficult jumps. Completion of the level requires you to create a certain number of objectives in order to unlock the next level.

It took me and my nephew around an hour or two to get everything unlocked which is pretty disappointing for such a highly priced game. The main problem with this game is that what should’ve been a simple kids racer is a poorly controlling game. The snail is incredible hard to control and your objective is never really all that clear.

Turbo Screen2
The game is full of unforgiving jumps and a poor sense of gravity. It was quite fun to muck around and see what jumps you could pull off but actually completing objectives were more than a chore than anything.

Surprisingly you can play the game with a second player. This allows you to customise challenges and create your own missions. This doesn’t really take away from the poor presentation.

Turbo Conclusion
I could only recommend Turbo Super Stunt Squad to kids who are a huge fan of the movie. The game was enough to keep my nephew entertained for a few hours but it was quickly tossed aside for something more appealing. What could’ve been a very appealing racer done well is unfortunately a mess of a game.

Turbo Conclusion END