What Does The Hearthstone Beta Wipe Mean For You?

Blizzard has released a patch for their closed beta version of Hearthstone on the 2nd of Oct and the changes that have been made are definitely for the greater good and health of the game. The patch notes Blizzard posted on their official website were welcomed by the community in an effort to balance arena and allow a more streamline way of playing.

What Blizzard Balanced

The new patch bought with it an entire reset of all players current progress in an attempt to bring everyone back to square one. This means a lot of the over powered rogue decks we’ve been seeing in ranked and normal games pre-patch are no longer the style of play to be most effective anymore. In addition most of the low mana cost neutral cards that had some crazy battle cry enabling board control early have been polished and have relevant cost to power now allowing for mostly balanced play.

What is new

Developers have allowed a higher level cap for each class maxing out at level 60. A brand new array of card spell animations, increased collection of gold (10, up from 5) after winning 3 public games and battle net friends list synchronization across all games. Blizzard also did some basic UI changes allowing you to speed up the booster pack animation speed, so when people spend 50$ on cards they can open them all by pressing the space bar in quick succession instead of tediously clicking each pack open and then looting all 5 cards. I really think tweaks like this one will be greatly appreciated by current and future players alike.

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Post-Patch Thoughts

It’s been a few days since the patch has been out and the general vibe with the community is great. The increased gold for winning is really encouraging players to play arena and think about deck construction a little more when paying that expensive buy in fee. I’m finding a lot of variety in player class choice when queuing up and finding little issue in finding opponents relative to my skill level. I’m so excited for this game to go live and strongly encourage all to check out this game upon release.

No news yet when the beta will become public but you’ll be the first to hear it when it comes to light.