PS Vita Firmware 3.00 Includes PS4 Functionality

While the PS4 is launching on the 29th in Australia, in launches in roughly 10 days in the US. So it’s not surprising the in least to see that Sony is prepping for launch as soon as possibly

Deatils on the new PS Vita Firmware Update 3.00 which includes functionality with the PS4. Check out the video from the Playstation Blog below!

[youtube id=”2fD7AV9Blys” width=”600″ height=”350″]

For those who can’t watch the video, the new additions featured in the update is a follows.

  • PS4 connectivity in the from of PS4 Link App, included Remote Play and Second Screen options.
  • Improved Friends App
  • Party App has been updated to allow Players on Vita to chat with their friends on PS4
  • Can use Content Manager with the PS3 via Wifi
  • Automatic PS Vita Firmware Updates option added
  • Panoramic Photo Option added.
  • Parental Controls App Added
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The 3.00 Firmware update is available now and you can find more details here