How You Can Use Kinect In Battlefield 4

With the new console launches getting closer and closer, it’s been tough to determine which games to get for which console, if you’re getting both anyway. Have you been wondering How you can use Kinectin Battlefield 4? We’re about to tell you.

Well, the Xbox One Version of Battlefield 4 will be getting some Kinect functionality if that helps make your decision any easier. EA demonstrated how the Kinect’s head tracking capabilities work with Battlefield 4. Which ultimately allows you to peek and lean around corners in the game. The voice commands return as well, letting players be able to call out certain phrases such as calling for ammo, a medic, calling for a pick up and of course thanking your teammates for their job well done.

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Battlefield 4 is currently out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and will be available for Next gen Consoles on launch. We look forward to seeing what you think of Kinect in Battlefield 4