Ubisoft Montreal Were Forced To Reveal Watch Dogs At E3 2012

It would seem that Ubisoft Montreal was not feeling entirely prepared to reveal Watch Dogs at E3 2012, but were actually forced to do so by CEO Yves Guillemot.

“They forced us to go at E3 2012,” said creative director Jonathan Morin speaking in the latest issue of EDGE. “We didn’t know what the hell those new consoles would be, so Watch Dogs really has worked on [seventh]-gen systems since the start. But we always pushed the ideas, the design, the core of Watch Dogs in such a way that we felt it would fit well with what we thought would be the future of games.

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“Yves was the one who wanted us to go at that E3, even though we felt it was a bit early, and in the end I think he was right.”

Watch Dogs has been a strange reveal ever since that E3 event. Scheduled as a launch game it was pushed back, which I don’t blame the devs for doing. Fast forward today and we see confirmations of the game being seemingly inferior looking to what was originally shown on the first reveal. I’m worried for Watch Dogs, but I still hope it’s all for the best.W atch Dogs is scheduled to release on May 27 of this year.