Microsoft Find E.T Cartridges In New Mexican Landfill

By now I think we’ve all heard a little bit about this urban legend. Back in the 80’s, when E.T became the huge success of a movie we know it to be, Atari wanted a piece of that success, so they paid an extremely high price for the right to produce a game about the movie, and hopefully cash in on that glory the movie was thriving in. Long story short, it backfired extremely badly, and it’s one of the reasons why Atari went under in the first place. The game was garbage.

It was said that Atari had buried the E.T cartridges in a landfill in New Mexico. Flash forward to December 2013, when Fuel Entertainment approached Xbox Entertainment Studios about acquiring the exclusive rights to dig up the landfill. Amazingly, the landfill provided the goods. They have found copies of E.T as well as copies of Centipede, Space Invaders, Asteroids.

The landfill is being dug up as part of the production of the documentary “Atari: Game Over”. The first thing they found was an old Atari 2600 joystick. They’re planning to keep gamers updated as the search continues.

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