GC2014: Killer Instinct Season 2 Launching In October, Killer Instinct 2 Classic Confirmed

While it didn’t receive any time during Microsoft’s press briefing, Iron Galaxy Studios and Microsoft Studios have joined together to announce release dates and packages for Killer Instinct: Season 2.

The “Ultra Edition” of the game will release for $39.99US, and will include access to eight characters, a selection of costumes and a high definition update of the original Killer Instinct 2 arcade game, titled Killer Instinct Classic.

The “Combo Breaker” pack will launch for $19.99US, and will include just the eight fighters. Players who choose to buy neither package will be able to just pick up individual fighter characters each month for $4.99US each.

Season 2 of Killer Instinct will begin on October 15th, and at launch will feature both T.J. Combo and Maya as playable characters. The update will also bring enhanced game modes, a completely revamped interface and six more characters with one new one being released each month. Players who purchase the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct: Season 2 will be able to access T.J. Combo early, but the purchase must be made between September 23rd and October 14th.

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We don’t have finalised Australian pricing just yet, but if the past is anything to go by, Australian players could probably be expected to shell out roughly $52.45 for the Ultra Edition, and $26.45 for the Combo Breaker pack. Once we receive finalised pricing we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

While no footage exists of Maya just yet, have a peek at the T.J. Combo trailer, released at E3 earlier in the year.