GC2014: Microsoft Announces Four New Xbox One Bundles

Leaving no stone unturned, Microsoft have announced several console bundles for both Europe and the Americas to be launching later this year. While local release details have yet to be revealed, Microsoft have confirmed they will be putting out Xbox One bundles for FIFA 15, Madden NHL 15, Sunset Overdrive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The FIFA 15 bundle will be exclusive to European territories, and will include a digital copy of the game and an Ultimate Team Legends Gold VIP Pack DLC token along with a standard Xbox One console. The Madden NHL 15 console will be the same, but with a digital copy of Madden NHL 15 instead as well as three ultimate team packs (downloadable content).

The more interesting of the bundles are the Sunset Overdrive bundle, which features Microsoft’s poorly kept secret, the white Xbox One console. Dubbed the “Cirrus White” console, the console includes a digital copy of Sunset Overdrive as well as the Day One Edition bonus content that would usually come with the game. The bundle will launch alongside the game in October, and will be a limited run.

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The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle will feature a specially designed Xbox One console with a 1TB hard disk drive, which doubles the size of the standard Xbox One. A limited edition exoskeleton, available for us inside the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game will also be included, along with a digital copy of the Day Zero Edition of the game, which lets players play the game one day before the street date.

As mentioned previously, local release details are yet to be confirmed, but we could probably safely assume that Australians will be able to get their hands on the Sunset Overdrive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare consoles in October and November respectively later this year. More news on the local release details when we get it.