Team Picks: Most Anticipated Games of February

Team Picks is our monthly feature where members of the team get together to tell you about their most anticipated games of the upcoming month. Why not join in? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments!

TeamPicksFeb-DeanDead Or Alive 5: Last Round – I remember playing the first Dead or Alive way back on the original Playstation and thinking this might end up being something. At the time, Dead or Alive received more recognition for the female assets than the fighting mechanics. As a Dreamcast owner I was lucky enough to play Dead or Alive 2 first by the second instalment the game was tight and the franchise was now established and known for pushing the limits of the consoles at any given time.

The first time in, Dead or Alive 5 didn’t receive the recognition it deserved. It is easily the most refined entry in the series and had some of the most solid fighting mechanics of 3D fighters in the last couple of years. This time around it is the only fighter on the market for the current generation of consoles which should ensure it receives the attention it deserves.

TeamPicksFeb-EwanThe Order: 1886 – Just the concept of this game is enough to get me excited! The alternative take on a Victorian London populated with secret ancient orders, monstrous beings and rebels has piqued my interest from the start. With some mixed opinions on the game initially, the game has looked better since with gameplay now looking more polished and the story more flushed out.

It however, remains one of most debated pro-orders to date and perhaps my most risky. Whilst I’m hoping my preemptive support for the game pays of, the final outcome of this game may very well dictate whether or not I pre-order anything again in the future.


The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – It was a tough choice between Majoras Mask or The Order. I am literally picking my birthday gift with this choice! 
I grew up spending beyond a number of countable hours with my brother playing this title on the N64 and since it’s announcement I have been hanging off every scrap of information about this game and am beyond excited. I would have been happy enough with a simple port and graphics upgrade. Instead Nintendo have gone all out adding new features, fine tuning previous issues in the original and all the while remaining faithful to the original material.

I cannot wait to lose myself to the dangers of Termina once again. So much so that I am getting a New 3DS XL just for the experience. Happy birthday to me!

TeamPicksFeb-JakeBThe Order: 1886 – Ready at dawn is exactly what I’m going to be when this game launches. I’ve always loved supernatural-based concepts, so this mixed with an action-adventure shooter…how can I resist! And not to mention, this game looks stunning! From the detail in the weaponry, character movement, environment as well as the seemlessness between cut-scenes and gameplay, it looks absolutely awesome.

I’ve been waiting for a game that I can sink some serious hours into, but also one where the story really gets me involved; and it’s looking like The Order may very well be it. The plot is what I’m most looking forward to, especially to see the mix of the Industrial Revolution with the secret war waging against The Order and Half-Breeds. All in all, The Order: 1886 is looking like a serious highlight for my February gaming and I’m hoping it pulls through.

TeamPicksFeb-JamesBResident Evil: Revelations 2 – I’m going to have to cop out on my more obvious choice of Majora’s Mask for the same reason I chose Alien Isolation over Bayonetta 2. I know what to expect with Majora’s Mask, so my anticipation for it has slightly wavered. But with Revelations 2, they’ve ticked off almost tall the boxes they’ve needed to in order to appeal my the old school Resident Evil fan in me.

First of all you’ve got a mysterious villain who is purported to be someone “only hardcore fans will know”. Second of all, it follows the escapades of Claire and Barry, two characters we’ve not seen for a very long time in the games. Thirdly and more importantly, it looks to help fill some of the gaps between 5 and 6, presumably priming us for the inevitable Resident Evil 7 too.

There are some concerns though – it looks ridiculously “budget” and the combat doesn’t look anywhere near as tight as Resident Evil 4 or 5, but I’m still keen to see how it turns out when it releases later this month.

TeamPicksFeb-KevinResident Evil: Revelations 2 – While the core series has long since lost it’s way, I found Revelations to not only be a delightful throwback to the third person horror qualities that were so evident in RE4, but a very solid shooter with a perfect blend of action and horror. I’m very keen to see how the sequel will play out, and while I’m devastated that the 3DS is being left out (where Revelations originated from) I’m sure the sequel will be an interesting game nonetheless.

TeamPicksFeb-MattThe Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – The mask is shaped like a heart, the game comes out on Valentine’s day, and it’s my favourite game ever. These three things clearly signify that Nintendo is trying to woo me in the hopes of a date, or that I will buy a Wii U…

Probably the darkest game in the expansive Legend of Zelda series, I have always wanted to see Majora’s Mask updated, and when Nintendo gave Ocarina of Time the 3D treatment, everyone hoped that Majora’s Mask would follow. If you missed this the first time around, do yourself a favour and pick it up, or meet with a terrible fate…

TeamPicksFeb-TroyThe Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – For those who know me, me picking a Nintendo game as my highly anticipated is no surprised. However, I’ve never played Majora’s Mask! The Legend of Zelda has always been an iffy series for me. I love the games I’ve played, but I really need to pay more attention to the games than other series, meaning I rarely find the time to play them.

But Majora’s Mask has always interested me, with a darker theme and different structure than the typical Zelda game. I’m also trying to finish all my new games in a week when I buy them, so I’m gonna be grinding this one out!