Petition Appears To Remove Single Negative Uncharted 4 Review Off Metacritic

Over the weekend a bizarre review popped up on The Washington Post giving Uncharted 4 a 4 out of 10 claiming that the game was terrible and should have ended at Uncharted 3. As the Washington Post are listed on Metacritic, this review was the first negative one to appear and obviously bought the score down quite significantly. It is now unclear where that score came from as the review is now a positive one and no longer lists a score, yet the Metacritic 4/10 still stands.

One fan, in the name of Dimitris Xorikos has taken matters into his own hands listing a petition on along with the below statement. The petition is currently sitting at 1331 supporters. Troy Baker who voiced Sam Drake has also Tweeted out his support for the petition.