UPDATE: The standalone dock is available to pre-order through EB Games. Still waiting for a release date though I’m afraid.

During Nintendo’s April Direct this morning, it was announced that the Nintendo Switch dock would be available in a limited quantity on its own from May 19.


Allowing players to transition from one television to another, these separate Switch docks would be available for purchase both online and through retail stores; however this has only been announced through Nintendo of America.

No word yet as to whether Australia will receive the same offer, however it may be unlikely at this stage due to the differences between Nintendo of America and Nintendo Australia and New Zealand.

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  • The Fuzz

    The separate purchase of the switch dock has been available since launch. I think they only mentioned it in the direct because it has been in short supply in the states. You make it sound like they announced a new product. Check out the EB Games website.

  • Dean Calman

    Possibly the most ridiculously overpriced accessory I have seen in some time.