Zelda/Stardew Valley-esque Open World Game ‘Yonder’ Is Getting A Physical Release And Special Edition

Despite the lack of government funding, the Australian game development scene is continuing to grow, with more studios springing up everyday often exploring and innovating to create unique and fun games. Just last year, we saw a plethora of incredible Australian made games come out and with even more set for 2017.

One of these titles which has jumped up my list of most anticipated games in the past month is Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. An open world adventure/exploration game with an art style set to grab Zelda fans attentions and with mechanics similar to the recent ridiculously popular Stardew Valley, Yonder looks damn promising.

Some of the gorgeous artwork from the box cover.
Some of the gorgeous artwork from the box cover.

Coming from Australian based developers Prideful Sloth (what a name!) who are made up of former Activision and Rocksteady veterans, Yonder is set to come to PS4 and PC (Steam) on July 18th. To the excitement of collectors and gamers alik,e who still prefer to buy physically such as myself, the adventure title will be getting a PS4 physical release and special edition!

Being distributed by Merge Games, the standard edition will be available from retailers across the globe, which is already available for preorder from EB Games and JB Hi Fi for $39 in Australia. While you will be able to preorder the special edition from Signature Edition Games for $52.

The special edition will include an Artbook, stickers and a physical coin based on the game’s in-game currency.

If you are particularly keen, right now you can preorder Yonder on PS4 for for under $30 AUD if you’re a PlayStation Plus Subscriber, which is a pretty good saving well before launch.

In regards to releasing on other platforms, the developers stated on their Facebook page that for the time being Yonder is just coming PC and PS4, but they will consider more platforms (such as Switch and Xbox One) after launch. It looks like a perfect title to take on the go with my Switch, so here’s hoping it makes it across.

With the game less than two months away we can’t wait to get some hands on time with it, but until then enjoy some tasty screenshots of this cute title from Prideful Sloth.