Foxtel’s Streaming Service Has Been Rebranded And Made Significantly Cheaper

Foxtel Play, the streaming service that has been available PlayStation 4, Xbox One and many other streaming devices for some time has been rebranded to Foxtel Now and made significantly cheaper.

For now, the new Foxtel Now app will launch tomorrow on iOS and Android devices as well as PC, Mac and the Telstra TV. The current PS4 and Xbox One apps will change over in the next few months. The updated app will finally have the ability to stream Foxtel programming in high definition.

You’ll be able to stream Foxtel channels for as little as $10 a month. Other packs will range between $10-$29 per month with Game of Thrones being able to view viewed in the $15 per month Drama pack.

You’ll be able to grab the Lifestyle, Locos or Kids packs at $10 a month, the Drama and Pop packs for $15 a month or $25 for both. The Drama and Pop packs feature the showcase channel.

You’ll also have the choice to grab the Foxtel Now movies pack for $20 per month and the Sports pack for $29 per month. These are in addition to the base $10 per month pack.


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