Kratos’ Beard Will Be Rendered In Real-Time In God Of War

As far as strangely neat news goes, this ranks up right there. In a beard-centric Kotaku interview, God of War’s game director Cory Barlog revealed that, in line with all other furs and pelts in the game, Kratos’ stunning beard will be rendered in real-time.

Barlog went on to explain that Kratos’ billowing beard isn’t a result of any new technology. Apparently, lead character artist Raphael Grassetti used an “old school trick” which renders hairs in real-time.

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“It’s not like we’re using some new tech,” he said. “Grassetti had an idea so the beard now uses the same technology as all the fur and other hair in the game.”

God of War, along with Kratos’ glorious whiskers, is due early 2018.