So That’s What Mario’s Dick Looks Like

Mario broke the net last month when he appeared scantily clad on a beach, showing off his nipples for the very first time. He was strangely sleek and hairless. Well, it turns out he’s always been an exhibitionist and he outdid himself long ago.

Unbeknownst to us, he once got bitten on the rear by a hungry Fish Bone that lept from the lake. It bit him so hard, his overalls exploded off of his legs. Clearly a fan of going commando, Mario was left with his modesty flapping in the breeze.

Prepare yourself for Mario’s dick and balls.

For context, this is from a manga that was published by Kodansha between 1988 and 1998. The long-running series, known in Japan as “KC Mario”, depicts adventures across the Mushroom Kingdom, pulling stories from different classic Mario games.

This wild penile display features in the very first issue, Super Mario Land #1, by Kazuki Motoyama.

Imagine the poor wide-eyed kids flicking through this for the first time only to find Mario’s wang staring at them.