There’s Already A Ridiculous $550+ Limited Edition For Dark Souls Remastered

Hardcore fans of Souls need not fret! Japan has a pretty fancy collectors set planned for the remasters release in May. Exclusive to Playstation 4, the Trilogy Box set is pretty exorbitant and includes pretty much everything you’d ever need as a Souls fan. The pack includes a copy of each of the Dark Souls games for Playstation 4, as well as double disc soundtracks for each game as well. That’s nine bloody discs!

Of course, there’s more, including a nifty set of bookends (which can also be used as a diorama if you don’t read books) and a three volume item encyclopaedia. You guessed it – one volume for each game.

And because, why not, there’s some art cards too.

Our estimates peg this at costing roughly $567AU to import.

You can check the whole thing out for yourself here.

Would you grab one?