Brian Taylor Took The Piss Out Of The Bombers Esports Team During The Footy

Though it was a pleasant surprise to see the Bombers’ League of Legends Esports team get some air time during the Essendon and Adelaide game on Friday night, things became rather uncomfortable as colour commentator Brian Taylor openly mocked the professional gamers. Of course, this is B.T’s brand of humour but calling the team’s members “computer type boffins”, “some real nerds” and “gadget type operators” live isn’t aiding the mainstream perception of Esports.

This comes a short time after the worth of Esports was debated on The Today Show, which also took a rather disrespectful turn.

It didn’t stop there, as Brian interviewed the team in the victor’s change rooms in the post-game segment “Roaming Brian” which sees Taylor stalk the rooms, unfiltered and unscripted, to often poke fun and hunt for humourous exclusives. It’s clear he was out of his depth as he quickly distanced himself from the team and referred to them as “not the normal football following type”.