Rare Is Open To Letting Other Studios Use Their Classic IP

On a recent episode of IGN Unfiltered, Rare’s studio head Craig Duncan stated in no uncertain terms that the studio was prepared to let other studios work on their classic IP, though only if it’s the right team for the job.

“It’s absolutely not out of the realm of possibility, but not only does the ‘why’ have to be right, but the team, and the people, and ‘who’ have to be right,” Duncan said on future collaborations.

He made reference to examples like Conker’s appearance in Project Spark and, of course, the most recent Killer Instinct, which was developed by Double Helix, as occasions where other studios would make pretty good use of their Rare back-catalogue.

“Rare has this 32-year back catalogue of heritage and IP, and while I wouldn’t say we were Disney or even Nintendo or SEGA or any of the other kind of long-term IP stalwarts in our business, people ask us to use stuff,” he said.

Given the pretty healthy back catalogue of Rare franchises that are currently resting dormant, it’s exciting to hear that Rare would be more than open to another studio stepping in doing what they’re probably unable to at the moment.