The Surface Go Is Microsoft’s Next Big Thing

Microsoft has today announced The Surface GO which is essentially a 10-inch tablet that can be had for only $599. It’s much lighter and smaller than the original Surface weighing only half a kilo with its 10-inch screen.

The most interesting thing about this new portable device is the fact that it comes with a USB-C port. It’s the first portable Surface product to have one.

The entry level model has 64gb of flash storage as well as 4GB of ram, but there will be a more expensive model that has 8gb of ram as well as 128gb of SSD storage. A 4G model will also release down the line.

Microsoft’s signature type cover as well as the pen and mouse will also be available, but it doesn’t look like either of these will be included in the box.

The Surface GO will be available for pre-order later today, but won’t release until August 2nd.

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