Sonic The Hedgehog’s Movie Design Is As Bad As You Thought It Would Be

Sonic The Hedgehog’s movie character design has been leaked in a marketing presentation and it’s pretty much as good (or as bad) as you thought it would be.

After that infamous poster started appearing showing his horrifying legs late last year, we now get a look at his actual design and it’s pretty damn weird. It was never going to be easy to pull off, but I’m not quite sure how we went from the pureness that is Sonic, to this.

It’s already taking the internet by storm. In particular, one of the slides shows what we should expect from Sonic’s personality, and it’s a massive laugh.

  • Irreverent and Sarcastic
  • Heroic and Adventurous
  • Confident and Competitive
  • Chill and Likeable
  • Mischievous But Not Malicious

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